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Molecular Hydrogen Tablets & Inhaler for High-Level Wellness

MOLECULAR HYDROGEN H2: The Missing Link to Your Vitality

"It is not an overestimate to say that hydrogen’s impact on
therapeutic and preventative medicine could be enormous in the future."

~ Free Radical Research 2010

A Collection of H2Clinical Studies

  Info on the NEW Vital Reaction MINI PORTABLE Inhaler + how H2 helps Neurodegeneration, Oxidative Stress & Inflammation

A Concise Fact Sheet on Molecular Hydrogen
to Print for Friends & Family

Click HERE for my interview on This Week in America, with host Ric Bratton, where I discuss all aspects of this cutting edge H2 Therapy.

A groundbreaking revolution is now upon us in the health and wellness industry in America and beyond. Across the globe, in more than 50 countries, people are benefiting from molecular hydrogen therapy — in both Tablet and Inhaler forms. I enthusiastically count myself as one of them. Molecular hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ever and has therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the body and in over 170 disease models.

Vital Reaction™, a sister company to High Tech Health International in Boulder, CO, is renowned as the world's leader in molecular hydrogen products.

Their effervescent Tablets and Inhaler are front and center in my healthy living program and I highly recommend them for you, your family (100% safe all ages—from babies to seniors), and your pets, too. The tablets produce the highest H2 in tablet form; they are free from antibiotics, sweeteners, colors, and preservatives.

To the right is Vital Reaction's new H2 MINI PORTABLE INHALER that I use daily in my home and also take it with me when I travel. I wouldn't be without it!
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For more detailed info on the H2 Tablets and Inhaler and how they support easy weight loss, normalized blood pressure, healthy digestion, radiant and youthful skin, increased energy and more, please click HERE.

The Inhaler and Tablets are all natural, non-habit forming, no risk of overdose, no prescription needed, and have no side effects.

For comprehensive information on molecular hydrogen, a free health consultation, to ask questions, or to purchase their health-enhancing Inhalers, Tablets or Dermal Mister, contact: Vital Reaction Company:

(720) 464-5733

Use the code Susan20 for a 20% discount and FREE shipping!
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Here are only a few of the many benefits you'll get from the supplements of HYDROGEN TABLETSdissolved in liquid (i.e. water or non-carbonated juice) and the INHALER — breathing in the tasteless, odorless and non-toxic Hydrogen mixed gas in a safe concentration. Both are beneficial for all ages:

  • World's best antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Bolster a positive mood
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote cellular health
  • Improve sleeping pattern
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Have better skin health and tone
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Improve immune function
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Decrease exercise recovery time
  • Support healthy weight loss
  • Hydrate at the cellular level
  • Prevent and assuage hangovers

On the radio show Here's to Your Health with host Dr. Karla Calumet, we discuss Molecular Hydrogen, why and how I use it daily, some of its benefits, and also 10 superfoods to enjoy often and 10 we should avoid if we want vibrant health.
To listen now, please click HERE.

Hydrogen is essential for life, the third most common element in the human body and a component of water, DNA, and most other organic molecules. As you're undoubtedly aware, each molecule of water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom — H2O. Water is an essential nutrient that's clearly ubiquitous in every cell throughout the body. Additionally, hydrogen is also part of the chemical structure of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, which are the macronutrients. Put simply, hydrogen is found in every food.

For a detailed list of H2 Research and Areas of Benefit,
Including Scientific Studies and Peer-Reviewed Articles, Click HERE.

For more studies on Molecular Hydrogen, Click HERE.

To read the article Hydrogen: An Emerging Medical Gas, Click HERE.

Well, I have some noteworthy, pioneering news for you that can put you on the fast-track to high-level wellness, as it's done for me and many of my clients and friends, and it's all about molecular hydrogen.

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and a discount on both the Molecular Hydrogen Tablets, Inhaler & Mister.


Studies to Support Molecular Hydrogen Supplementation

For more than two years, I have been researching this topic of molecular hydrogen and am so impressed with all the ways it can benefit the body. Each day I take Vital Reaction™ Tablets and also use my personal Vital Reaction™ Inhaler. My enthusiasm for this information and the benefits from supplementation of molecular hydrogen is boundless. And while I could give you an all-day lecture on the topic and write a book with countless corroborating studies, I want to make it really easy for you.

  • To read some of the many scientific studies on the benefits of molecular hydrogen therapy, please visit The Molecular Hydrogen Institute, a non-profit scientific organization supported by leading hydrogen researchers. To peruse the studies now, please click HERE.

How You Can Take Molecular Hydrogen Products to Enrich Your Health & Vitality

My motto has always been to take only the best-of-the-best nutritional supplements available and incorporate other lifestyle practices such as taking Infrared Saunas and drinking Ionizer Plus Alkaline Water. So I have done all of the research for you. Vital Reaction™ is the leader in molecular hydrogen products. Many people use these molecular hydrogen products because of disease issues and a desire to heal the body. Others use the Tablets and Inhaler as a preventative modality to keep the body healthy, vigorous, youthful, and glowing with vitality. Either way, these products will enrich all aspects of your health. And for me, health is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family and friends.

Vital Reaction Tablets: They know how to elevate your glass of water. Their tablets are a superior supplement for adding the benefits of high-dose molecular hydrogen to any non-carbonated beverage. I put the tablets into my alkaline water from the Ionizer Plus. Within minutes, the Vital Reaction tablet reacts and saturates the beverage with millions of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles (it's really quite a beautiful site to see!), producing a powerful cloud of H2 that rapidly diffuses into membranes, tissues, and organs at the subcellular level. I usually take two tablets a day — one in the morning before I exercise and the second one about one hour before I go to bed. On really stressful days, I will take up to four of these tablets a day. They are easy to carry with you when you travel or are simply doing errands and need a boost of vitality.

I usually take the tablet liquid on empty stomach, which is best, but not entirely necessary. I also wait to eat about 15 minutes after taking a tablet and try to wait 2 hours after a meal before taking another. And yes, you can take any medication at the same time as the dissolved tablet.

Vital Reaction Inhaler: This small, lightweight device produces tasteless, odorless, and non-toxic hydrogen gas in a safe concentration for inhalation by electrolyzing distilled water. The Vital Reaction Inhaler generates hydrogen mixed gas, not exceeding 7%. I use this device when I am working at my desk (right now actually), watching television, engaging in meditation and prayer-time, or simply when I am feeling stressed out and need to feel more joyous and in the pink again. There are two models currently from which to choose. Vital Reaction 7% Inhaler and Vital Reaction 2% Inhaler. I use the 7% model at least once a day unless I am traveling. You simply can not overuse it and it's easy to fit into one's daily routine at home or in the office. Additionally, since this device is portable, I can easily take it with me to use in different locations other than my home or office.

Molecular Hydrogen therapy enhances whole-body well-being in myriad ways. It benefits and supports...

  • EYE & EAR
  • PAIN

How to Order the VITAL REACTION Tablets, Inhaler and Dermal Mister & Get FREE Shipping and a 20% DISCOUNT Using the Code Susan20


You can order by telephone or online. If you prefer to order online, visit: They have a comprehensive, reader-friendly website which includes loads of scientific studies and detailed information on these products.

If you prefer to talk with someone by telephone, call the company Vital Reaction.

(720) 464-5733
Monday - Friday • 8 - 5 MT


When I have questions on the Molecular Hydrogen products, I call Vital Reaction directly, experts on Molecular Hydrogen.
Tell them hello from me!


To get FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the United States and also a 20% discount on the purchase of the Vital Reaction Tablets or Inhaler, simply use my name and the number 10 next to it as your code.

I made this arrangement with VITAL REACTION so YOU could get this discount and FREE shipping. In fact, this is the same code I use when I need to purchase more tablets/misters.


Molecular Hydrogen: An Emerging Medical Gas

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is gaining significant attention from academic researchers, medical doctors, and health practitioners around the world for its reported therapeutic potential. The interest in hydrogen therapy recently began after 2007 when it was demonstrated that administration of hydrogen gas via inhalation (levels 2%-4%) or ingestion of an aqueous-solution containing dissolved hydrogen (above 1.6ppm) could exert therapeutic biological effects. 

In 2007, Dr. Ohta's team reported in Nature Medicine that molecular hydrogen gas exerted medical and clinical applications with no toxic effects. The authors further demonstrated that dissolved hydrogen selectively scavenges toxic hydroxyl radicals (OH) and peroxynitrite, but does not react with other physiologically important reactive oxygen species (superoxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide). Click HERE for study details.

Vital Reaction® Methods of H2 Administration

The pharmacokinetics of H2 administration are dependent on dosage, route, and timing. The Vital Reaction® Inhaler and the Vital Reaction® Tablets have been third party tested for purity and safety and are designed for clinical and at-home use. VR will continue to add to its line of superior molecular hydrogen products, too.

And, in case you were wondering, it's impossible to overdose using the Inhalator or the Tablets. Personally, I like to add in the juice of a fresh lemon to the alkaline water from my Ionizer Plus with the Tablet for a refreshing, delicious, and salubrious beverage. In about two minutes, the tablet is fully dissolved and ready to drink. It's best to drink it on an empty stomach. The Tablets are 100% natural and are free from antibiotics, colors, and preservatives.

For the most efficacious inhalation, a 2%-7% hydrogen gas mixture is best. Inhalation of hydrogen reaches a peak plasma level in about 30 minutes (i.e. equilibrium based on Henry's Law). With the VR 7% Inhaler, the one I have in my home and office, it takes only minutes, and I strive use it daily. With the VR 2% Inhaler, you will also want to use it for at least 30 minutes. Keep in mind that you can use it while working at your desk, watching television or meditating, as you are going to sleep and waking up in the morning, when using your computer or going online, and any time it's convenient. Because it's lightweight and portable, you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Both the 2% and 7% Inhalers plug into a 110V, and then you simply add water, apply the cannula, push start and begin the easy-breezy VR Inhaler session.

Choose the BEST Molecular Hydrogen Products

How do you know what brand is the safest and best to purchase? What brand do you use Susan? These are two questions I get often during radio interviews, in my motivational talks, and in my work with clients. Yes, there is a lot of competition, but Vital Reaction (VR) products beat the others hands down. Buyers should be very careful considering other brands, especially inhalers. While VR products have been 3rd-party tested for safety and purity, most other brands have not. Concerning inhalers, VR only buy units manufactured in Japan, who is on the forefront of the hydrogen movement. Most of the earlier studies were done in Japan, and they know the industry inside out. These units are the only ones on the market with a built-in regulator that monitors and controls hydrogen percentages generated by the electrolysis process, as hydrogen can be quite explosive at too high of levels. Plus, VR units also monitor the type of water used for the creation of hydrogen gas. Using anything but distilled water in the inhaler could be potentially dangerous and damage the unit. If an inhaler is not monitoring the type of water used, tap water and any of its many contaminates could potentially become a gas. Can you image even a small part of chlorine becoming gasified?

VR tablets are quality and safety tested as well. As a matter of fact, they just lowered the parts per million (ppm) guarantee on their website from 12-13 to 10 ppm because testing showed that the higher ppm claims were only really achievable in controlled environments such as a lab or clinical setting. Competitors making these claims probably have no idea their customers will never reach the 12-13 ppm mark because they do not do the testing themselves. It's all about integrity for Vital Reaction. They stand behind their products and their customers 100%. Plus, and you will see this when you telephone them with your questions or to purchase the tablets and inhaler, their customer service is impeccable. With a risk-free, money-back guarantee on the tablets, there's nothing to lose.

Here are a couple more questions I'm asked frequently. If there is Hydrogen in all foods and lots of it in water (H2O), why should one take Molecular Hydrogen tablets or inhale it. Can’t I simply drink more water to get more hydrogen into my body?

Yes, hydrogen is everywhere...literally. Astronomer Harlow Shapley said, "If God did create the world by a word, the word would have been hydrogen." It's the most abundant element in the universe, found in foods, water, and produced naturally in our intestines during digestion. However, the concentration level is key when using hydrogen as an effective and therapeutic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The levels of hydrogen ingested with food and water are not enough to mitigate the free radical damage we're living with in this day and age. Nowhere near enough! That's why dis-ease (I love this term because it covers so much more to me than just medically diagnosed issues — you know when you are just off and not feeling in the pink) is running rampant and our healthcare costs are through the roof. Vitamin C and other antioxidants are still useful, but higher concentrations of hydrogen do much more to counteract cellular damage. And again, you just can't get those higher levels without taking tablets or by inhalation.

Your key to improved, radiant health and youthful vitality is just a phone call away. They are ready to discuss your unique health goals today in a free, personalized consultation. They can answer any questions you may have and provide additional details when you call them. If you are calling from within the United States or Canada, use the toll-free number below.


(720) 464-5733
Monday - Friday • 8 - 5 MT



Molecular Hydrogen Therapy — Tablets and Inhalation — will help you thrive in all areas of your health and rejuvenation and put you on the fast track to high-level wellness. I encourage you to embrace this new therapy for full-body vitality. You will be amazed at how much better you'll feel and look.