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Susan Smith Jones, PhD,
is a Philosopher of Contemporary Living, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Expert, TV/Radio Guest, Worldwide Empowerment & Successful Living Consultant, Recipe Developer & Whole-Food Meals Instructor, Corporate Spokesperson, and Author & Motivational Speaker Who Inspires Audiences Internationally to Create Their Very Best Lives


Susan has been a guest on more than 3,000 radio and television shows and has written more than 2,500 articles for magazines in North America and worldwide. After being interviewed on a talk show, Susan is usually asked back. In fact, for many shows, she has been invited to return monthly and quarterly to offer her popular Dr. Susan’s Healthy Living Tips or to discuss some of the latest health studies or seasonal superfoods and lifestyle enhancements. If your program is “live” and you welcome callers, get ready for the biggest response ever. Her enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge, and positive attitude will light up your telephone lines and bring callers out of obscurity to your airwaves.


To schedule a radio or TV interview with Susan, or to invite her to contribute an article to your magazine, please contact the media team at:

To invite Susan to be a guest on your TV or Radio Talk Show anywhere in the world — to discuss the contents in her books such as Wired For High-Level Wellness, Be the Change, Invest in Yourself with Exercise, A Hug in a Mug, Kitchen Gardening, and UPLIFTED:12 Minutes to More Joy, Faith, Peace, Kindness & Vitalityor to invite her to give a motivational talk to your business, corporation, Christian church, women's, or community group on CLAIM VICTORY OVER A STRESSFUL LIFESTYLE: Easy Steps to Living a Vibrantly HealthY & Faith-Filled Life... at any Age (or title/topic of your choice).

Click here for some sample TV and radio interviews with Susan


What the Media Say About Dr. Susan: She can discuss almost any holistic health and lifestyle topic with aplomb and élan, or write an insightful and engaging article for your magazine. Simply contact her media team to inquire about Susan' availability. She will empower, motivate and inspire your audience. Click HERE for some samples of her work.


Click HERE for Talking Points You Can Use on Your Radio/TV Show with Susan or for Topics for Magazine Articles by her.



 “Susan Smith Jones will not only light up your life with her enthusiasm and knowledge, she will also light up your phone lines. Of the 1,000s of people I’ve interviewed, she is the most popular and the very best. She even fills in for me as host when I’m away: she’s that good. You’ll want to invite her back often and give her as much time as possible.” —Nick Lawrence, talk show host, WXPM, PA

 “Dr. Susan Jones . . . is a walking, talking, living, breathing embodiment of what she gently preaches.” —KATZ-TV’s AM Arizona

 “Our phone lines always ring off the hook after her interviews.” —K-Earth 101, Los Angeles

 “Her work in human potential, goal achievement, optimum diet, anti-aging, natural remedies and healthy living is legendary. I call her the ‘Healthy Living Lady’ because she has been my source of inspiration and information for as long as I can remember. Susan’s many appearances on our radio network are some of our most popular, and they always bring in more callers than we have time to answer in the hour. Her enthusiasm is refreshing and her knowledge on all things holistic-health is extraordinary. Having her on your program often will only boost your ratings.” —Louise L. Hay, Publisher, Hay House Radio

 "Dr. Susan Smith Jones has been a guest on my radio shows countless times over the years. Her topics range from . . . using foods as medicine, 12 surefire stress-busters, looking 10 years younger in 30 days, to living a sacred, balanced life, using spices to heal your body, losing weight with ease, and inviting silence and solitude to enrich your life. Susan is the consummate talk show guest: she is funny, wise, articulate, positive, knowledgeable, uplifting, motivating, empowering, and absolutely radiant. Need I say more? I always take notes during her radio interviews with me because she is my source for all things related to holistic health. Even though Susan's a regular, and the most popular guest on my two talk shows, we also call on her frequently for last-minute fill-ins when someone cancels, and she's always eager and delighted to participate, even though it's usually between 2:00 - 5:00 am her time.

     "And there's one more thing. My entire staff and I recently had an opportunity to see Susan in action, as she was giving a 45-minute motivational talk in Florida to an audience of over 1,000. We had not planned to stay for the afternoon 3-hour workshop. However, Susan is so enthralling, captivating and motivating in person, that my staff and I stayed for her workshop and we even called family and friends in the area to come join us. That 3-hour workshop felt like about 30 minutes. Everyone in the room was overjoyed and ecstatic with Susan's two presentations that day, and with her healthy living information, and her effervescent, enthusiastic, and very-friendly personality. I heard someone sitting behind me say of Susan: "I wish Susan was my next door neighbor. I would never be depressed and would be healthier than ever." She is one of those rare few in life who truly "walks her talk." Sunny Susan, as I call her, is the picture of vibrant health and the personification of joy, balance, peace, happiness and youthful vitality. Whether you are in need of a guest for a radio or television talk show, or you need someone to give a dynamic motivational presentation — 30 minutes or all day or for a weekend retreat — I can't recommend Susan highly enough. She also has had a monthly column in my magazine for years; it's ranked highest among our readers. Is there anything she can't do? Without a doubt, Susan is simply the best!" —Anita Finley, Radio Talk Show Host & Publisher of Boomer Times