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Earthing or Grounding: Let the Earth Heal You

Earthing or Grounding: A Simple Therapy that WORKS!
To listen to my interview on the program This Week in America on The Danger of EMFs & The Benefits of Grounding/Earthing, and why it's essential to use grounding mats in your home, please click HERE.


Scroll down to order some top-notch EARTHING/GROUNDING MATS. I have three in my home and always take one with me when I travel.
Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits—including better sleep, relief from depression, more positive mood, easier weight loss, more brain focus, and reduced pain—from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth’s electrons from the ground into the body. Besides walking barefoot outdoors on the grass or on the sand at the beach, I also put my bare feet on a grounding mats in my home.
Of course, I take a mat with me when I travel, too; it's easy to pack and you'll feel a positive difference in minutes of using it.
To ask questions or to order my favorite GROUNDING MAT by the Vital Reaction Company on Boulder, CO (my three mats are under my desk, in front of my prayer/meditation chair overlooking my garden, and by my TV chair) just like I use daily, please contact:

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In all of my books, there's a section or a chapter on the importance of living close to nature and spending as much time as possible outdoors in nature. There's a good reason for that — it always makes me feel happier, healthier and more balanced. Being outdoors in nature grounds you and heals the body.
In my book Wired for High-Level Wellness, you can read more detail about Earthing, too.
Starting when I was a little girl and teenager, my grandmother, Fritzie, would often talk to me about Earthing (aka Grounding) and how important it was for me to play in her backyard barefoot. She'd often take me to the beach in Santa Monica and have me sit in the sand and build things or walk barefoot in the sand and along the water's edge. She knew that being close to Mother Earth was important for my health and overall well-being. And to this day, I practice Grounding every day to help keep my body and mind balanced, inflammation and depression at bay, help keep my weight in check, and so much more!
Here is an excellent DOCUMENTARY MOVIE all about the health benefits of Grounding/Earthing that I encourage you to watch and share with others. You will learn how Grounding helps with just about any dis-ease or ailment and can instantly benefit your life and vitality -- literally within seconds. This superb documentary goes over the science behind it and if you question its benefits now, I guarantee that you won't when the documentary is over.


In the documentary, you will learn how it helps with weight loss, depression, addictions, MS, hyperactivity, autism, inflammation, cold hands and feet, physical pain, stress, poor sleep, low energy, and most anything else bothering you. There's really nothing that Grounding can't benefit.
Please watch this as soon as you can. Once you start it, you won't be able to turn it off until it's over. With the knowledge you will gain in this documentary about Grounding, you will be able to help so many people in your life -- and it's free.
To view the documentary on Grounding, please click HERE.
ImageAfter you watch this short documentary, you'll undoubtedly want to purchase a grounding mat, like I did. In fact, I purchased a dozen to give as gifts. I keep my mat at my desk where I can simply put my feet on it when I am working. So when I can't get outside to walk barefoot on the grass in my yard or the sand at the beach, at least I can get the same positive grounding and balancing benefits daily while sitting at my desk or watching television. This special grounding (or earthing) mat contains a conductive copper weave. To use, just plug it into the ground port of any electrical outlet, connecting you directly with the earth's electrical field. It has made a profound difference in the quality of my life -- all the ways described in the documentary. It really works!
To order a high-quality Grounding Mat,
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