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RADIO INTERVIEW: Boosting Immunity & Conquering Coronavirus

Stay Healthy & Keep Coronavirus & Other Illnesses at Bay

To listen to this radio interview now on
"Boosting Immunity & Conquering Coronavirus,"
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In my radio interview with Ric Bratton on his popular program This Week in America, I discuss the ABCs of the coronavirus and how to stay protected from it invading your body, and also how to heal from it in record-breaking time if it takes hold of you. Click HERE to listen now.

Highly contagious viruses like the coronavirus enter your body through your nose and mouth either after breathing in air droplets from a sick individual who coughs or sneezes, or after touching your nose or mouth after hand-to-hand contact or shared use of objects with a virus sufferer. Once the virus enters the body, the integrity of your immune system determines whether or not you become sick with symptoms. Thus, there are two lines of defense in virus or cold prevention: practicing good hygiene and maintaining strong immunity.

Here are some the the topics I cover that are all related to immunity and the conoravirus:

Artificially induced fever
Heat therapy and immune fortification
Morning breathing test
Sleep repairs cells and protects immunity
Stress reduction through relaxation
Why and how to exercise
Important beverages to drink
Essential probiotics for immune system cells
How enjoyable activities fortify immunity
Herbs, spices, supplements, and foods to boost immunity and destroy viruses
How infrared sauna baths (artifically induced fever) kill viruses
Why you should have an infrared sauna in your home and use it regularly
Where to purchase the best infrared sauna and how to get a discount
And so much more that will keep you healthy year-round

As you will learn during this radio interview, with a top quality infrared sauna, a person is able to stay in for a longer time, thus able to reap greater benefits than through the use of other saunas. Also, because body temperature will rise slightly, the body reacts in the normal manner by raising the heart rate to a mild aerobic range, increasing blood flow, opening up the capillaries for greater blood flow to sluggish areas, opening up the pores, and creating the deep sweat that flushes out toxins. Scientific studies corroborate that infrared sauna bathing kills viruses. Refer to my detailed article Coronavirus & Infection: Great Tips to Stay Free of Illnesses for links to scientific studies and more info on keeping safe from viral infections, pneumonia, and most illnesses and diseases.

For nearly 30 years, I have been using an infrared sauna several times a week, unless traveling. It's the most important part of my healthy living program. The Transcend Infrared Sauna, from High Tech Health in Boulder, CO makes the best infrared sauna in the industry with environmentally safe components and EMF-free heaters. It's the only one I would use or ever recommend.

Everyone should have this Transcend sauna in their home. In the article link above, you'll find my suggestion to recoup the cost of your sauna in no time by doing what many of my friends/clients are doing; they rent out sauna sessions in their sauna to bring in income. As a way to bring the cost down, I know others who join together with one or more neighbors on their block to chip in together (and keep the sauna in someone's garage for use) so the sauna can be used by several families.

If you would like more info on infrared saunas and how they heal the body, or you would like a free health consultation with a Product Specialist at High Tech Health, or you want to purchase a 1-, 2-, or 3-person Transcend Sauna for your home or office, please contact them at:

800-794-5355, ext. 2 or

303-413-8500, ext. 2, both MT

Use my name  ("Susan S. Jones") as a code to get $500 off of your purchase on a Transcend Infrared Sauna.

And if you want to do more research on your own before visiting or calling High Tech Health, here are a three more articles I've written on The Healing Power of Sweating, Artificially Induced Fever & Infrared Heat Therapy.

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