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Being a beacon of light of my life means that I put God first before everything. Prayer and meditation help me stay connected. Meditation is a natural way to attain peace. It strengthens the body's immune system, slows the aging process, awakens regenerative energies, enlivens the nervous system and enhances creative abilities. Let your heart-light shine today.

— Wired for High-Level Wellness



Inspiring Presentations, Empowering Consultations

A champion for positive change, high self-esteem, and sacred, balanced living, Susan Smith Jones travels throughout the United States and the world giving lectures and keynote addresses; leading workshops, retreats and seminars; and offering her services as a consultant to individuals, businesses, and corporations. On these pages, you will learn more about Susan's work and the myriad ways you can benefit from her services. She believes that the reason so many people never make it to the top of the mountain of soul and life achievement is that they give up too soon and/or don’t feel they deserve of the best life has to offer. “When you dream big, follow your heart, reach for the stars, live with faith, and always take action,” she espouses, “you will achieve your goals and, at the same time, inspire others who share your life to do the same. Live as though the sky is the limit – because it really is.”


Whether working with large audiences, small groups, families, couples, or individuals, Susan changes people’s lives. With enthusiasm that’s contagious, she encourages us to stay true to our dreams and never let anyone or anything cause us to doubt our power and ability to make our dreams come true. “Like bamboo,” she often conveys as an orator, “your life is all about remaining rooted, resilient and flexible. And it also takes living more consciously moment to moment, rather than going through life on automatic pilot.”




In her usual encouraging and heartwarming way, Susan provides her clients all the tools needed to walk away from the darkness of doubt and confusion and into the light of vibrant health and successful, peaceful living. A Renaissance woman, Susan is a living example of the ancient wisdom, contemporary science, and twenty-first century vision that she teaches.



Amazing Versatility


In addition to motivating people to live their highest vision for themselves, Susan is also an extraordinary photographer (her favorite subjects are nature and people), artist, designer, fashion and style expert, rejuvenation makeover aficionado, home renovation and staging connoisseur, a landscape gardening buff, and a life organization specialist who helps her clients get rid of anything standing in the way of their best life. She incorporates all of her many talents into her work with her clients worldwide.



Breakthroughs & Personal Transformation

Susan is into empowering people — helping everyone tap into their own inherent power. In her presentations, consultancy, and self-help and healing books (Wired for High-Level Wellness, Be the Change, Invest in Yourself with Exercise, Kitchen Gardening), she invigorates us to be aware of our choices — to make decisions with integrity, using the best within us, always moving toward self-realization and enlightenment. “Every choice we make,” she asserts, “reflects who we are and what we believe and think we deserve. In other words, our lives are reflections of how we feel about ourselves.” The triumph of Susan's holistic work is measured in terms of the positive personal breakthroughs reported by thousands of people around the world.




Put simply, Susan’s holistic living credo for happy, healthy and successful living is this: Each and every day, live thankfully, choose health, honor your heart’s whisperings, love fully, do your best, go the extra mile, and celebrate yourself and all life. She instills this message into all of her holistic work — a sense of self-responsibility and obligation that each of us possesses as a human being living in a spiritual world. Susan knows that knowledge is power . . . so she enthusiastically and passionately shares of her insights and wisdom – combining ancient erudition with cutting-edge research to uplift, motivate, and inspirit her clients of all ages.



Life Mastery

As mentioned above, Susan specializes in life organization, helping her clients release anything standing in the way of their best life. She suggests that our homes, offices, cars, and other living spaces are metaphors for our lives. What does the environment that you've created for yourself say about you? Loads. This includes your body environment, too.



Susan encourages us to become CEOs of our own bodies and lives. "We are the writers, producers, directors, and stars of our own lives — our movies," explains Susan. "Do you want to make a drama of hardships, pain, and suffering, or would you like to shine in an Oscar-winning movie about passion, romance, joyous achievement, and self-fulfillment?" With Susan's help, men, women, couples, children, teens, families, businesspeople, and public audiences become champions of their dreams, inspiring others to their own greatness and, as a result, increasing the light on our planet one person at a time.


When we are authentic, when we keep our spaces simple, simply beautiful living takes place.

~ Alexandra Stoddard


The holiest of all holidays are those
Kept by ourselves in silence and apart,
The secret anniversaries of the heart . . .

 ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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Vibrant  health really starts in the mouth! How you care for your teeth, gums and tongue has a direct impact on your overall health. While a beautiful smile and fresh breath are often our main pursuits, this Webinar extends our focus to include the gums, plaque and more.

Topics include how to keep your mouth healthy and pain-free, gingivitis, caries/fillings/crowns, oral irrigation, toothpaste and mouthwash, how periodontal disease is passed through kissing, teeth-grinding, reasons to avoid sugar, jaw pain, supplements for strong choppers, whitening and straightening, etc.

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Benefit from prayer-walking
Reshape your body
Exercise to lose weight
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Commit to Be Fit
Find Your Strength
Move It or Lose It

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I give myself permission to live in childlike wonder today. Throughout this day of opportunities, I live with mindful attention to the beauty that surrounds me and all of the miracles along the way. No positive blessing escapes my attention today. I celebrate the joy of living and give thanks for this gift of life.

— Affirmations
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