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“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Susan for decades— since she was a young child, barely walking—and I can tell you for certain that she is one of the most positive, humorous, and kind people you could ever meet. I’ve read many of her books, and I have to say that this one, Uplifted, is now my favorite. In her typical reader-friendly, motivating, and inspiring writing style, Susan tells us how to be more hopeful, positive, and vibrantly healthy, even when uncertainty and stress may be our constant daily companions.

“As a medical doctor, I appreciate her holistic approach to living more healthfully, which fosters vitality, no matter one’s age, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If you would like some practical, effective ways to feel more uplifted each day; if you desire to be healthier, kinder, or more peaceful; if you want some insightful guidance on how to live a more balanced, successful life; or if you simply want to enrich your experience of living, making your life a great adventure and celebration, then Susan’s empowering Uplifted book is just for you!”
~ Peter W. Brown, MD, Los Altos, CA

“Books that I love become more than ink on paper; they become good friends. This powerful and lifetransforming book, Uplifted, is sure to become one of my very best friends forever. Long after I read such books, even as they sit on the shelf, their vibrations continue to bless, heal, enrich, and nurture me.

“For decades I have been producing and hosting radio programs, and for fifteen years, Susan has been a monthly guest on my radio show, This Week in America. She is the only person I’ve ever invited on my program monthly because she’s that good, and my listeners around the world can’t seem to get enough of her joyful, upbeat, and bright personality. Her enthusiasm, experience, and vast knowledge in the fields of holistic health, nutrition, fitness, human potential, and mental well-being are great gifts to my listeners. Her wit, wisdom, and humor blend to create a truly contagious field of joyous energy.

“These same characteristics about Susan’s personality shine through on every page of this wonderful book. She makes you wish you were her next-door neighbor so you could visit with her next-door neighbor so you could visit with her in person and go for walks or visit with her in her home over some tea or fresh juice. Susan has a way of living the principles she speaks and writes about in this book that causes others to follow her way of healthy living. In Uplifted, it feels as if an angel of light has been dropped into our midst to bless us, just when the world needs it the most, in ways that will last for a long time. If we all lived as Susan suggests, America and the world could close most of its hospitals and jails and become nations at peace with each other. Uplifted is a beautiful and outstanding guide to living a life that is rooted in mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual vitality, no matter one’s age. Uplifted is definitely essential reading.”
~ Ric Bratton, Founder & Host of This Week in America

“Every chapter is this book is uplifting to read; the writing style is engaging; and the message of the book is insightful and profound, yet easy to assimilate and understand. It is inspiring to think of all the possible ways to apply the myriad suggestions Susan offers to your life right away. She reminds us that it is often the little things, the small revelations, the simple random acts of kindness, that make a great deal of difference in handling life’s struggles, whether disappointment or frustration, sadness or loss, or any other struggle. I appreciate the beautiful way Susan phrases her thoughts, as well as the uplifting quotations, the illuminating stories, the powerful insights and Bible passages, and the many life-enriching recommendations that will stir you into action and help you regain a sense of balance and perspective in your life.

“‘Everything good and positive that broadens our appreciation and appetite for life,’ says Susan, ‘should be one of our lifetime goals.’ The reality of her faith-based lifestyle is truly inspiring and, in the Workbook, she encourages us to examine our life very care- fully so that we can know ourselves better and aspire to a more rewarding and fulfilling life. There are over 100 easy-to-apply Action Steps in which we can all participate in only 12 or fewer minutes. Like favorite hymns, her many quotations will become familiar and comfortable, useful, timely, and uplifting. As you find yourself thinking, Susan has written this just for me, you will feel an extraordinary surge of energy, joy, and peace. Uplifted is sure to bring you inspiration, ideas, energy, unlimited possibilities, and motivation that will enrich the quality of your life.”
~ Olin Idol, ND, CNC, Vice President of Health at the Hallelujah Diet

“The human body is an amazing machine and requires attention, regular maintenance, and loving care to run as efficiently as possible. This wonderful book teaches us how to both honor our body and keep our mind uplifted and positive. But it’s so much more than what to eat (and not eat), how to exercise for best results, when to reinvigorate the body, and why to live by the Golden Rule. Susan enlightens us on how to believe in possibilities, be courageous in our daily lives, live in the now, move more toward love, remain calm in the midst of uncertainty, reduce daily stress and anxiety, create joy in the middle of chaos, dream big and achieve goals, become a magnet for blessings and miracles, use affirmations to uplift sadness, foster fulfilling relationships, brighten our day first thing in the morning, and more.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Susan for many years and I can say for certain that she is one of the most joyful, kind, faith-filled, loving, peaceful, and upbeat people I’ve ever met. She definitely walks her talk. Whenever we visit, I always feel uplifted afterward—the theme of this book. Her message is about the art of living fully and using beauty, grace, and inspiration to illuminate our lives. Uplifted shows us how we can nurture ourselves by what we feed our mind, and how we can all live with divine connection and timing as we endure, persevere, prevail, and thrive. Susan’s 12-Minute Action Steps are genius because we can all find this small chunk of time daily to uplift ourselves and others.

“Because of the healing and health wisdom permeating every page of this glorious book, my life has been greatly enriched. If you want to find warmth, affirmation, encouragement, and optimism, this is the book for you. If you need guidance on love, wholeness, grief, risk, loss, growth, and success, this book will be your godsend. If you simply want to read some of the most inspiring quotations ever written to guide you on your physical and spiritual journey, Uplifted will be your gift. With courage and confidence, Susan will take you on a delightful physical, mental, and spiritual journey, helping to restore you to serenity, grace, and positivity.”
~ Myran Thomas, LA Esthetique Wellness