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The Secrets of the Uplifted Mind & Joyful Soul - VIDEO INTERVIEW


Is life getting you down? Do you feel overwhelmed, sad or anxious about the future? If so, then here’s a great solution for you. On a Love University Podcast with host Dr. Alex Avila, Susan shared her recipe for living an uplifted, peaceful and joyful life. Here are some of the many topics covered in this inspiring and upbeat interview on The Secrets of the Uplifted Mind:

  • Practice the Golden Rule without guarantees. When you treat others the way you would like to be treated, you are practicing the Golden Rule. When you are kind and giving to others without expecting anything in return, you are offering unconditional love to the world. By doing this, the universe will return the favor in amazing ways by giving you the people, resources and opportunities that will light up your life.
  • Treat your mind like a garden. Susan tells us that our minds are like gardens where we plant our thought seeds. In life, it’s true that we can control three major things: What we eat, how we move (exercise) and what we think. Therefore, if you want a beautiful mental garden filled with flowers of compassion, love and goodness, then you need to plant those thought seeds in your mind first (think positive and loving thoughts).
  • Look for meaningful coincidences. In her life, Susan has many stories of being open to meeting new people and experiencing amazing and uplifting coincidences. In one case, Susan was having a nature outing, and she randomly met a crying, depressed woman. She stopped to give her advice and recommended that she stay at Susan’s favorite bed and breakfast in England (the woman had always wanted to go to England). Before long, the crying lady went to England and met the owner, who turned out to be a brother whom she had never met (she was adopted). As a result, they began a beautiful family relationship, and Susan was overjoyed that she could help. The message: Be on the lookout for chance meetings and random occurrences that can transform your life.
  • Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. When you want something very much, don’t just think about it. Ask yourself what you would feel (happy, excited) if you had what you desired (love, career, success). Then, go around with that feeling in your heart, and chances are, you will attract the very person, thing or circumstance you desire.
  • Speak kindly—you may have to eat your words.  Susan gives us very valuable advice: You never know when your words may come back to you; therefore, always speak kindly, lovingly and sweetly to others. If you are rude and critical to others, they will probably be the same way toward you (or they will secretly resent you). But, if you speak with kindness and encouragement, you will create more harmonious and positive relationships.  
  • Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?” ask “Why is this happening for me?” Susan advises us to stop playing the victim role. Although you may have, in reality, suffered or have been a victim, you can choose to move on from your pain and go in a positive direction with what you have learned.  The good news is that every door that closes opens a new door to possibility, hope and love. Be open to learning from your past and growing into a wonderful new future.