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Eating fiber-rich, colorful fruits and veggies has the added bonus of beautifying skin, boosting metabolism and elevating mood. When it comes to the best way to eat, "mostly plants" is a pretty safe bet!

~ Be the Change

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Surefire Tips to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Holidays & Year-Round

On Here's to Your Health with host Dr. Karla Calumet, Susan presents Healthy Eating Tips & Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Weight Gain, Fatigue & Depression During the Holidays. Her surefire tips will motivate you to ring in the New Year healthier, happier and more slim and confident than you are today instead of feeling overstuffed, bloated, fatigued and down on yourself for too much overindulging. To listen, click HERE.

The Healing Power of Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

On the radio program This Week in America with host Ric Bratton, Susan shares detailed info on a new, cutting edge health therapy found to be the most effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ever identified! MOLECULAR HYDROGEN is backed by over 1,200 peer-reviewed studies that prove it's a miracle element and can offer a variety of health benefits to essentially every organ and cell of the body and is effective for 170 diseases. It's all natural, non-habit forming, no risk of overdose, no prescription needed, and has no negative side effects. H2 supports weight loss, healthy blood pressure, allergy relief, younger skin, brain health, increased energy, stroke and heart attack prevention, oral care, increased positive mood and more. The entire family will benefit—babies to the elderly, and even our beloved furry friends (cats & dogs). To listen, click HERE.

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Susan Smith Jones, PhD

Susan Smith Jones, MS, PhD, (Holistic Health Educator, Author of 33 Books), is a leading voice in America and worldwide in the fields of health and fitness, personal growth, optimal nutrition, natural remedies, longevity, balanced living, and human potential. Throughout this website, and in her books, private practice and motivational presentations, she shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to live successfully and create your best life in body, mind, and spirit.

If you wish to lose weight and get fit, heal your body, look younger, attract prosperity, and live your highest potential, you've come the the right place. If you want to create a successful life and inspire others, Susan will show you how. And if you wish to move from a spin-cycle lifestyle to a win-cycle lifestyle, this website and Susan's audio programs and books, including Kitchen Gardening, Be the Change, Invest in Yourself with Exercise, Living, The Curative Kitchen & Lifestyle, and Choose to THRIVE will guide you on your magnificent journey.

Take time perusing this website today for inspiration and motivation. Return daily for new book quotes on the top right of the site and new affirmations in the sidebar to the right. Keeping your mind and body filled with positivity will help you thrive, flourish, prosper and blossom more each day. 

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I greet this day with enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm comes from "entheos" which means to have God within. Today I dwell in the presence of God’s light and love. With this partnership, everything is possible, if I only believe and trust. So I let go and let God shine through me. 

~ Affirmations
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