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Susan Smith Jones, MS, PhD, (Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Motivator, Author) is a leading voice in America and worldwide in the fields of health and fitness, personal growth, optimal nutrition, natural remedies, longevity, balanced living, and human potential. As a Transformational Specialist, she helps people lose weight and get fit, heal their bodies, create success, and live their dreams. And as a much sought-after motivational speaker, wellness consultant, talk show guest, and holistic lifestyle coach extraordinaire, Susan travels throughout the U.S. and internationally working with Fortune 500 companies; community, spiritual, and women's groups; corporations and businesses; and with families and special individual clients. Susan shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to live successfully and create your best life in body, mind, and spirit. A guest on 2,500+ radio and TV shows, Susan always motivates and inspires the audiences. She's also written over 2,000 articles published in magazines and journals worldwide on all aspects of holistic health. She is the author of several popular audio programs (available in the STORE) and 27 books. Her compendium, RENEW YOUR LIFE, has a worldwide following. To learn more about her work, please browse through the pages of this website. Below are many radio interviews with Susan to inspire and motivate you while you are perusing this site. Return daily for her uplifting book quotes up top and her sidebar affirmations.

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NEW: GLUTEN-FREE LIFESTYLE — The Hottest Trend in Recent Years: Is It For You?

For the 3+ million people suffering with Celiac disease, a serious autoimmune condition, it's important to completely avoid gluten. But does that mean everyone should be this strict? On NaturalHealth365, Susan talks with Jonathan Landsman about the true value of a gluten-free diet, the best foods to eat to naturally improve digestive health, why the gluten-free diet is so popular, how to test for Celiac disease and the best natural remedies, the top-notch supplements for better digestion and Celiac disease, and new cutting-edge research. To listen now, click HERE or visit the playbox below.


NEW: Whole Body DETOX in 12 Easy Steps

On this program, Susan talks with host Jonathan Landsman on his program NaturalHealth365 on the significance of keeping our bodies detoxified year-round. She tells us that the most importnat relationship we have is with our own body. Yet we drink, eat, breathe, and live in a soup of toxic compounds that are hard, if not impossible, to avoid. Thousands of environmental toxins surround us, including pesticides in our foods, chemicals in our water, and pollutants in the air we breathe. Fortunately, as Susan shares, we each have control over the pollution in our own bodies. In fact, optimizing our health by regularly detoxifying is vital. If we keep a balanced and clean internal environmental, she tells us, we won't succumb to the toxic buildup that enhances disease. That's why embarking on a detox-cleanse program a few times a year, like Susan does, is an important way to support our physical wellness (along with our mental and spiritual well-being). People who cleanse regularly look and feel younger, are much healthier, and live a longer life than ppeople who don't. To listen to this interview, which includes Susan's surefire 12 tips for detox success, please click HERE or refer to the playbox below.



NEW: Being the Star of Your Magnificent Life Adventure


On this program entitled Vibrant Living with Life Coach Carla McClellan, Susan shares her best tips to take you from morning to night feeling and looking your best. You'll get the most bang for your buck and the fastest results for your work, career, health, and lifestyle goals. Contrary to popular belief, it's possible to live a balanced, happy, and peaceful life. She covers many topics to help you shine more brightly in all aspects of your life, including matters of weight loss, detox and rejuvenation, heart and brain health, self-esteem boosters, depression-free living, lack of motivation, procrastination issues, morning task triumph, meditation to reverse aging, robust prosperity, relationship success, and youthful vitality... at any age. Click HERE to listen now or visit the entry in the playbox below.


NEW: Achieving Your Goals & Flying Higher in Life  


With national radio talk show host, Ric Bratton, on This Week in America, Susan highlights the reasons most people fall short on their goals year-round. Her practical suggestions will help you fly higher in life, stay strong and confident, and create a lifestyle worth celebrating each day. There are surefire ways to thrive and live your highest potential... and without delay, too. Click HERE to listen now or visit the entry in the playbox below.


The Best Health Tips for Savvy Seniors


You won't want to miss these uplifting and motivating holistic healthy living tips for robust health. Susan's appearance on The Eddie Esquire Show will knock your socks off, especially if you are between 50 and 100 years young. These can be the best years of your life, and Susan knows this firsthand as a senior herself and decades of work leading workshops, seminars, and retreats for goldenites. To listen, click HERE or visit the entry in the playbox below.


The Fast Track to Quantum Wellness


This of Susan's most passionate interviews ever! If you strive to live more fully and celebrate life, to experience vibrant health and boundless energy, you must listen to this broadcast. Her enthusiasm and expertise in creating high-level wellness will motivate and empower you. With talk show hosts Jamie and Cindy, and an international audience, Susan covers her favorite 10 secrets to healing the body in record-breaking time. If you have been feeling off-kilter, overwhelmed by life, tired and lackluster — wishing you could look better and feel younger, and recapture the vibrancy and vitality of your youth, then this is the interview for you. Her easy-to-follow, "back-to-basics" program is an indispensable and refreshing change from most health and self-improvement books and programs that often focus on one particular overused aspect of health. Balancing the body from the inside out is the key, and Susan will keep you focused from beginning to end on the long-term results that come from embracing a healthy lifestyle. You'll learn how to alkalize the body, reduce inflammation, look and feel five years younger in only six weeks, improve your digestion, enhance your vision, and boost your concentration, say good-bye to sick days, select nature's best superfoods, and more. To listen now, visit the entry in the playbox below or click HERE.

Is Too Much Stress Destroying Your Health & Life?

If too much stress is getting the best of you, this radio interview is for you. Did you know that stress is the main reason for doctors visits? Susan tells us why and how unmanaged stress ages us quickly and causes many chronic health conditions, including heart disease, obesity, fatigue, aches and pains, inflammation, even low self-esteem, and more. Susan covers her favorite, surefire stress-busters that will lead you from a path of daily strain, struggle, and difficulty to a renewed life of grace, celebration, and balanced living...at any age. To listen, click HERE.

Flying High With Vibrant Health

Millions of people worldwide listened to Susan and host Diane Ray ("I Can Do It" Hour, Hay House Radio) discuss how to create more joy and less stress. We're all overcommitted and overwhelmed these days, and this constant stress is wreaking havoc on all the systems, organs, and cells of our body, leading to ailments and disease. Susan answers callers' questions from around the world and talks about many of her favorite surefire tips to quell stress and thrive in our daily lives...no matter one's age or challenges. You'll learn about Susan's popular 3- to 10-day cleanse-detox program; how drinking Ionizer Plus alkaline water and taking infrared saunas heal the body; why most people have metabolic acidosis and don't even know it; nature's two most nutritious and healing superfoods; the healing power of gratitude and a positive attitude; simple ways to lose weight, reduce inflammation, look younger, boost energy, beautify skin, say good-bye to depression, sleep like a baby, delicious recipes using Spirulina powder, improve digestion, and so much more.You'll even discover how to get a couple FREE books by Susan sent to you immediately. Share this with family and friends. To listen now, visit the entry in the playbox below, or click HERE.

The Skinny on Slimming Down & Living Disease-Free

Dr. Susan talks with radio host Jim Wilk about the superfoods Spirulina and Astaxanthin. These are two superfoods that she would never be without. Susan will highlight how these superfoods help to… regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol; alleviate pain from inflammation; deliver antioxidant activity to ward off life-threatening diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and stroke; protect the liver and kidneys and remove radiation from the body, improve the immune system, alleviate allergies, fight many different viruses; help your eyes and brain; help you lose weight; increase friendly flora in the intestines; improve digestion; and more. To listen now, visit the entry in the playbox below or simply click HERE.

What Keeps You From A Healthy, Happy & Prosperous Life?

In this interview with host Nick Lawrence, spotlighting her latest book, Walking on Air: Your 30-Day Inside and Out Rejuvenation Makeover, Susan says... "most of us are no strangers to health problems, illness, or pain. But what if there's a solution to restore our well-being that doesn't involve drugs, surgery, or other medical procedures." Well, there is and you'll find it within your own body. Your miraculous body has a built-in capacity to heal itself — a remarkable system of self-repair that works 24/7 — and improving it's ability to heal is within your control. You're also in charge of your happiness and attitude. Become the CEO of your health and architect of your life. Susan shows you how to create high-level wellness, live a joy-filled, peaceful life, choose the best health-enhancing superfoods, and manifest prosperity and success. To listen now visit the entry in the playbox below or click HERE.

Add Years to Your Life & Life to Your Years ♥  Is Depression Getting the Best of You? 

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Choose to Be Calm, Cool & Collected Using Superfoods & A Positive Attitude as Medicinet  The Skinny on Antioxidants, Free Radicals & Astaxanthin

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