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Peace is not dependent on the outer conditions of life. We will not have world peace until all people have peace within themselves. Inner peace begins by choosing to be peaceful and cultivating kindness.

~ Walking on Air

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Free E-Book #1: Dr. Susan Smith Jones, has created an easy-to-follow nutritional program just for you! A comprehensive food and nutrition resource and step-by-step healthy eating guide, The Curative Kitchen: Gratify Your Taste Buds & Revitalize Your Body with Superior SuperFoods, Herbs, Spices & Natural Remedies, shows us that vibrant health starts in the kitchen by choosing the most essential healing foods. Many of us make the wrong choices every day by consuming foods that were never intended for our miraculous bodies. Susan shows us how to make the appropriate food and other lifestyle choices to reduce our risks of premature aging, heart disease, common forms of cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and reduced vision and mental functions … and lose body fat at the same time. This is a special, limited edition of the book with a new cover.

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Free E-Book #2: You will receive a FREE copy of Susan's full color, 51-page digital e-Book NATURE'S SUPERB SUPERFOODS: Lose Weight & Revitalize Your Body with Homegrown Sprouts (and it's also available in the STORE with a value of $9). If you want to lose weight, look years younger, save on your grocery bills, adopt a healthy hobby that keeps on giving, and get your family involved in kitchen gardening, you'll love this e-Book and will savor every page. It covers the ABCs of growing sprouts and how to use them in meals. Kids love participating in the sprout-growing process! For decades, Susan has been growing sprouts and enjoys them in smoothies and juices, sauces, sautés, sandwiches, muffins, salads, casseroles, breads, trail mix, and more that you'll learn about is this special gift. Click HERE for info on this book. To get the FREE download of NATURE'S SUPERB SUPERFOODS, go to the bottom of the page and fill out the simple form, which will take seconds.

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Free E-book #3: You'll also get a FREE copy of Susan's popular, full color, beautifully designed, 44-page e-Book, DETOXIFY & REJUVENATE: Dr. Susan's Gold-Star Secrets to Beautiful Skin, a Leaner Waistline & Energy to Spare. The link here is only so you can peruse its contents; but you will get it FREEThis offer of a second bonus book expires soon.


To the list of gifts, you'll receive an At A Glance Quick Reference Botanical Guide for Common Ailments.


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I am grateful for opportunities to learn and grow. I patiently await unanswered prayer. If I'm faced with a complex problem, I know that patiently taking my time, working gently with one issue at a time, is more effective and less stressful. Guidance comes with each movement, and I patiently allow the process to unfold. I remain calm and clear-headed and continue on a forward path with faith.

~ Affirmations

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