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Are Allergies Getting You Down? Sinus Relief Is on the Way

Discover the Swiss Secret to Sinus Relief

For the past 40 years, I have used and recommended Olbas Oil. My grandmother, Fritzie, introduced it to me and I'm never without it. If you're new to the Olbas experience, discover why this 100-year old blend has long been a household name worldwide that families reach for when suffering from respiratory discomforts. The unique formulation of pure essential oils provide results you can feel almost instantly for sinus and respiratory miseries. It's no wonder Olbas Oil is one of the top-selling decongestants in drug stores all across Europe and now in America for those in the know! I share my love of this product, and the entire line of Olbas products, in Renew Your Life, in my natural remedy booklet Conquer Colds & Allergies, and in my books The Joy Factor and Walking on Air.

Sinus Relief Plus

Not only is it excellent to help soothe colds, allergies, hay fever, and other breathing problems, but I also recommend it to help boost libido (details below) and get you in the mood for a good time.

Here's what one of my clients said about Olbas Oil: "About four years ago, I started using Olbas Oil at bedtime to relieve frequent "stuffy nose" sinus problems, especially in the autumn and winter. For the entire four years, I have never ever resorted to any other sinus remedy, and I never have a stuffy sinus for any length of time." 

Here are some more reasons I encourage you to put Olbas Oil front and center in your nature's medicine chest.

Are Allergies Getting You Down? Allergy Cough?

Conquer Allergy Cough and Stuffy Nose

Black Current Pastilles are the Secret

Constant cough? Stuffed up? Scratchy throat? There's no reason to suffer needlessly this allergy season when you can experience the instant, soothing relief of Olbas Black Current Lozenges. Take one and breathe in deeply. You will notice almost immediately how the powerful, cooling vapors give you an intense feeling of increased airflow in your lungs and sinuses! I am never without these delicious lozenges or the Olbas Pastilles (see below). I keep a packet of each in my purse, tote bag, car, office, and my flight carry-on bag. I've never found anyone who didn't love these soothing lozenges and who didn't get instant relief. I also rely on them to keep my breath fresh when I'm out and about and don't have time to brush my teeth. These maximum strength sugar-free cough suppressant lozenges are beneficial in the following six ways:

Are Allergies Getting You Down? Breathe Easy with Herbs

8 Ways to Breathe Easy During the Allergy Season

An immune system that is constantly under attack by stress, low energy, air pollution, and other toxins is more vulnerable to seasonal sensitivities, as I write about in my three new booklet/CD combos Culinary HerbsConquer Cold & Allergies and Herbs: Nature's Medicine Chest, as well as communicate throughout my package Renew Your Life. However, herbs can go a long way toward alleviating miserable symptoms. Consider these following eight centuries-old, time-tested herbs:

The Health Benefits of Pomegranates

Heal Your Body with Pomegranates

pomegranates for your healthThis dark red fruit is "hot" these days, especially in the form of pomegranate juice. A amazing superfood, pomegranates abound with disease-fighting antioxidants; some studies show that they offer almost three times the antioxidants of such well-known antioxidant super sources as green tea, red wine, blueberry juice, cranberry juice, and orange juice. Additionally, pomegranates contain potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and niacin, all of which can contribute to increased energy and good health. It also boasts some more specific heart-healthy benefits. Research reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2000, 71:1062) showed that pomegranate juice reduced plaque buildup in arteries by 44% when given to subjects. But the rave reviews don't stop here.

Staying Motivated to Exercise & Achieve Your Goals

Tips to Upgrade Your Exercise Program & Stay Motivated


Excerpts from The Joy Factor: 10 Sacred Practices for Radiant Health


In Chapter 5 (Exercise — Fast and Slow, Alone and Together: I Choose to Move) of The Joy Factor, I cover in detail the best exercises to look younger and tune-up your body, and also share many amazing stories from my clients' experiences about how exercising regularly changed their lives, from individuals to families. This chapter will inspire and motivate you to embrace a life of fitness, especially the personal story about my first marathon and how my grandmother, Fritzie, rallied me on from the other side, a year after she passed away. Here's a brief excerpt from the chapter. And if you need help staying motivated to exercise regularly, please click here

Excerpt from The Joy Factor — Chapter 5 below:

We all know exercise is a key component of vibrant health, yet statistics reveal that only about 25 percent of Americans make exercise a regular part of their lifestyle. My hope is that after reading this chapter, if you’re not already a fitness enthusiast, you’ll be helping to increase the percentage. Whether you have several children and are busy with them from morning to night or are CEO of a Fortune 500 company who puts in 12-16 hours a day, seven days a week at the job, you must find time to exercise.

If you can’t carve out an hour each day to exercise, or even 30 minutes, then break the time up into 10- or 15-minute allotments. It should be pretty clear by now that I don’t believe in gimmicks and potions and magic pills, and I promise you there is no substitute for exercise. The old “I don’t have time to exercise” excuse just doesn’t work with me. You must make fitness a priority — a nonnegotiable part of your day.

You need — we all need — to find some type of physical activity that fits into your lifestyle and that exercises not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. If there is one self-help idea that has really caught on and that I’m sure will stay with us, it’s the idea that physical fitness transcends the physical body and benefits your mental and spiritual fitness as well.  

The Wonderful World of Microgreens

Welcome to the world of growing your own microgreens. You can grow outdoors in warm seasons, or indoors all year long — even if you have limited space. It's literally countertop gardening. Microgreens are inexpensive, fun to grow, and cover a wide variety of exciting, nutrient-dense tastes. It also makes it easy to consume more living foods! For all of the latest cutting-edge info on the health benefits of consuming more raw foods and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle when living in the "real world," please refer to my internationally popular digital seminar program Renew Your Life. Don't rush through the program. For some, it takes one year to complete. If you have lots of free time, it might take you 4-6 weeks.


I learned about growing microgreens from my grandmother when I was a teenager, at the same time she taught me how to grow sprouts (see previous Blog series all about sprouting). I always have microgreens growing in my kitchen because they are packed with big flavor and take only a few minutes spread out over a week or two to grow and harvest. You can grow your own little greens of arugula, basil, purple cabbage, sunflower seeds, chard, radishes, broccoli, cilantro, and more.

Get the children involved in the process, too. They love to participate in this growing process. You'll marvel at the small amount of space needed to grow microgreens—I use my porch, patio, deck, windowsill, kitchen counter and balcony—which allows them to be easily incorporated into daily meals. As mentioned in the book Microgreens, the greens' nutritional potency make them a must-eat in a healthy diet. Eaten alone as a salad or added to soups, entrees, sandwiches, burgers, or anything else imaginable, these tiny greens will enhance everyday food and life. I purchase all of my microgreen supplies at GrowingMicrogreens.com. They have the best organic seeds, starter kits, and everything you need to embrace the wonderful world of microgreens in your lifestyle. If you would like to view short instructional videos on how to grow microgreens with or without soil, click HERE. To learn more about microgreens, continue reading.

Pesticides: Which Produce Has the Most & Least Chemicals?

In my sought-after, full-color E-Book, The Curative Kitchen: Gratify Your Taste Buds & Revitalize Your Body with Superior SuperFoods, Herbs, Spices & Natural Remedies, I wrote about the dangers of pesticides to our bodies, the soil, and our planet. I mentioned that s
ince 1975, insecticide and pesticide use in this country has increased 10-fold. The implications are pretty scary. The sale of chemicals to farmers is a huge business, based on profits, not knowledge of what these chemicals ultimately do to humans. Farmers spray their fields with thousands of different herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

While these many chemicals kill natural pests and their predators, they also throw off the ecological balance of nature. The result is that even more potent chemicals are needed to eradicate the pests, which developed a resistance to the earlier chemicals used. Individual chemicals that are nontoxic alone may be combined to form new chemicals. We have become very indifferent and blasé about these dangers of modern life, but "cide" means "to kill" and we are killing ourselves every day through our feeding systems and through what is considered "normal, everyday living." The chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are applied on a conventional farm eventually kill off the earth worms and other life forms in the soil. As this life dies off, the soil becomes more and more barren. Soil that is farmed organically becomes richer from year to year, rather than being depleted over time. That makes for more sustainable farming—and sustainability will become especially important over the next fifty years as the world population grows by an estimated thirty billion.

In my E-Book mentioned above, and in my popular, uplifting seminar series titled Renew Your Life, I share in detail how many of us make the wrong choices every day by consuming foods that were never intended for our miraculous bodies. Vibrant health starts in the kitchen by choosing the healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods — and especially ones grown with no pesticides or the least amount of pesticides. If you would like to find out the 2011 results of the Environmental Working Group for their list of fruits and vegetables with the highest and lowest contamination, continue on.

Celebrate Change and Patience

Tips to Living with Change, Patience & Peace

Excerpt from Walking on Air: Your 30-Day Inside and Out Rejuvenation Makeover

We live in a changing world. Nature changes constantly. Your body is different from one day to the next. Friends come and friends go. Feelings ebb and flow. The tide comes in and goes out. The only constant in our world is the divine. As I often say in my seminars and workshops worldwide, when the winds of change blow, go deeper — deeper within your heart.

[Bonsai Plants: I am a bonsai enthusiast and enjoy visiting my neighbor who has numerous bonsai plants in his garden that he's grown and raised for years. These hand-crafted plants are true works of art. They reflect artistic skills, patience, change, and horticulture knowledge. When I look at his exquisite panoply of colorful plants, I always feel more peaceful. Consider getting a bonsai plant of your own to care for, cultivate, and love for years to come. It will become a metaphor for all of the special, life-enhancing qualities you'd like to develop in your life. My bonsai plant is gracing my office desk and each time I pass by it or sit down at my desk, I appreciate its beauty and am thankful for this gift of nature that always makes me smile and reminds me that all great things worth having in life require patience. You'll find many more photos of bonsai plants at the end of this excerpt.]

Sometimes changes come to us as gentle breezes and other times they come as tornadoes. When changes occur we can choose how we will respond. We can try to control and manipulate the situation. We can become upset and depressed. We can allow ourselves to be tossed around in the waves of change. Or, we can choose to dive below the surface where our strength and understanding lie.

The way to remain peaceful in a changing world is to align with our inner constancy while adapting to the passing world. Welcome change. It promotes growth and restores equilibrium by moving us in the direction a better life awaiting us — our goals manifested. Know that when you are in harmony with your higher self, and you realize the light within you is not unlike the light in God, then in the face of all change, anything is possible.

The key here is how you respond to change. My mom helped me to look at change in my life with the proper perspective. Whenever I experienced a challenge, she would say to me, “This, too, shall pass.”

Continue reading to learn tips to cultivate patience and embrace change with a more accepting attitude, as well as finding my Action Step and Affirmation to help incorporate these tips into your daily life.

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #10

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 10 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 10: Effective Weight-Loss Supplements

There is nothing that replaces a commitment to regular exercise (aerobic and strength training) and a healthy diet, which emphasizes loads of high-fiber, colorful fruits and veggies for effective weight loss. However, there are some very beneficial herbal, food, and probiotic supplements that help burn calories. In my books The Joy Factor, Walking on Air, and Weight Loss, you’ll find some more exciting, cutting-edge information about losing weight and keeping it off, as well as all the details on my best behavioral modification tips and my favorite 10 special herbs and foods that are study-proven to assist your quest for a slimmer you. Here’s a sneak preview:

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #9

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 9 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 9: Sleep it Off!

Sleep plays a major role in glucose metabolism and neuroendocrine function. Research shows that getting a good night’s sleep is a critical part of losing weight. In a study involving 70,000 women, researchers found that women who slept 5 hours per night were 32% more likely to experience major weight gain (an increase of 33 pounds or more) and 15% more likely to become obese over the course of the 16-year study, compared to those who slept 7 or more hours a night.

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #8

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 8 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 8: Don't Eat Under Stress

Stress eating is a major factor in the obesity epidemic. Who isn’t under stress these days? Not only do we eat in some misguided desire to fill up our emptiness or calm the jitters we mistake for hunger pangs, we also eat in response to natural fluctuations in the stress hormone, cortisol, and in our blood sugar.

How many times have you found you’re craving sugar at 4 pm? Or you want a bedtime snack of ice cream or potato chips? Chronic stress elevates blood levels of cortisol, increasing cravings for fattening sweet and salty foods.

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #7

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 7 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 7: Stoke Metabolism with Grazing

Choose to eat 5 small, regularly spaced meals daily about 3 hours apart to help balance blood sugar and prevent overeating due to excessive hunger. This is grazing. British researchers at the University of Nottingham found that obese women who ate regular meals at roughly the same time every day consumed fewer total calories, metabolized calories better, lowered blood cholesterol levels, and showed improvement in insulin production compared with when they ate irregular meals.

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #6

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 6 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 6: Slow It Down

It’s an old joke. You buy a whole pie, intending to have one slice. Then you sit down with the pie, in front of the TV and before you know it – where’d the pie go? Somebody stole it! Or, you just downed 1,000’s of calories without even knowing it. Because it takes 20 minutes for your body to get the satiety signal, if you eat fast, you’re consuming more calories than you need, before you’ve even had the chance to get the “that’s enough” signal.

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #5

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 5 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 5: Eat at Home — Watch Your Portions

Research shows that the more often a person dines out, the more body fat he or she has. Home-prepared food is usually healthier and more nutritious since most restaurants depend heavily on highly processed foods. As much as possible, prepare your meals at home. Eat out and get take-out foods less often. While I choose not to eat any animal products (I am a vegan), you may choose a different diet. When you do eat away from home, try these tips to help you control portions:

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #4

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 4 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 4: Burn It Off with Cardio

Like it or not, it takes a good walk or run around the park to burn fat. Cardiovascular exercise or cardio is a necessity for burning fat and keeping it off. The good news: You can choose what cardio works for you and what you like to do. Example: if you only have ten minutes to walk in the morning and ten minutes when you get home, that’s the same as walking twenty minutes in one stretch. You don’t need a huge block of time to get the benefit of cardio.

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #3

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 3 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 3: Lift Weights for Faster Metabolism 

You don’t have to look like "Ah-nold" to benefit from lifting. Weights not only tone you up and make it easier to slip into your favorite jeans, they also help you build muscle, which burns more calories at rest than fat. So, up to 12 hours after your last weight lifting session, you’ll be burning more calories as you sit, walk, and go about your day, making your engine more efficient and easier for you to maintain your weight.

Effective Weight Loss Made Easy: Step #2

Effective Weight Loss Naturally10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD ©

Part 2 of 10 in the series 10 Steps to Effective Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to start with Part 1.

Step 2: Drink Lots of Water 

The human body is about 80% water. That means we need to replenish the supply by drinking lots of water every day. Water keeps us hydrated, flushes out toxins and satisfies thirst, which we often mistake for hunger. Next time you’re craving a snack, or even before, drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon or lime to make it tasty – and fill up your tank without adding a single calorie.

Reduce Stress & Live with Balance

Stressed Out?

If you often feel like the demands of your daily life exceed your ability to meet them, you’re definitely not alone, as I noted throughout many pages of my new book The Joy Factor: 10 Sacred Practices for Radiant Health. The state of feeling “stressed out” and “overcommitted” is a growing problem among millions of Americans. Time magazine may have singled out stress as the “Epidemic of the Eighties,” but that was well before the Internet and social media significantly sped up the pace of most people’s lives,  and the prolonged wars and global economic troubles at the turn of the 21st century piled on additional woes. Today, over one million North Americans are absent on any given workday due to stress and stress-related disorders and 79%-90% of all visits to primary health-care practitioners in North America are due to stress-related illnesses or complaints.         

As I write about in my new booklet/CD combo, Natural Stress Solutions: Discover Nature's Secret to Inner Calm, Restful Sleep & Newfound Energy, in mankind’s prehistoric days roaming the plains and sleeping in caves, the stress response was actually a good thing. Our built-in “fight or flight” system provided our bodies with the energy needed to escape from danger or secure scarce resources. Though this type of high-intensity, short-term stress was beneficial for our survival, our bodies were not designed to withstand the type of chronic, long-term stress that is so common today. The same cascade of hormones released during a physically stressful event (like running away from a lion) is also released when we undergo a psychological stressor like conflict in marriage, unreasonable work demands, and economic worries. The difference is that we typically do not respond to these kinds of chronic stressors with vigorous physical activity (e.g. fighting or running away), and they do not have a definite end point. Consequently, our bodies may be continuously exposed to stress hormones, especially cortisol, and over time, this can add up to serious health problems. How does chronic stress impact our lives? Read on...

E3Live® — Effective, Safe & Family-Friendly

Healthy Living with E3Live® — A Superfood Extraordinaire I'd Never Be Without

Every so often, I discover a superfood that profoundly changes my life and the lives of my friends, family, and clients, too. And in this instance, it's a superfood that I've taken for 20 years and would not be without. If you've read any of my books, such as Recipes for Health BlissThe Joy FactorWalking on AirBe Healthy-Stay BalancedHealth Bliss, and The Healing Power of Naturefoods, you already know that I take and highly recommend a nutrient-dense aquabotanical called E3Live® and would not be without it. You've probably heard about all the negative press of late about the deleterious effects of taking a multivitamin supplement. Well, E3Live is the best liquid "multi" that is a whole-food superfood and not an artificial supplement. I often refer to it as my "liquid gold." It is pure radiant health and youthful vitality in a bottle, is fast-acting, and will benefit every one of the 70+ trillion cells in your body in as little at 15-20 minutes after taking a couple of ounces on an empty stomach.

Last month, the national news shows in America were all over the latest study of multivitamins and how they can be unhealthy, and even downright dangerous, to takeE3Live, in my estimation, is the world's safest and most effective multi-supplement anywhere — and millions taking it would agree. And just last month, E3Live won the prestigious first place award for the "Best Superfood in the VegHealth Awards" at World VegFest Weekend in San Francisco. This is a massive honor and not surprising! So in this Blog, I'd like tell you more about it — since it's been such an important part of my healthy lifestyle for 20 years — and to let you know how you can get an exclusive discount on it as a visitor to my website.

An Herbal~Apple Cider Vinegar Concentrate for All Seasons

A Slimming, Energizing Healthy Concentrate

“Health comes from the farm, not the pharmacy,” as I write in The Curative Kitchen.

When I was barely 17, I learned the secrets to living a healthy, balanced life from grandmother, Fritzie. At that time in my life, my diet was deplorable. Meat, sweets, and white refined-flour breads were my daily pleasures and my health sorely suffered as a result. I was rarely without allergies, and I carried copious amounts of tissues with me everywhere to wipe my runny nose, deal with my sneezing and to take care of all the extra mucus that I was coughing up. It was not a pretty picture and my physician apprised me that I would have to live with this condition forever.

One day when I was visiting with my grandmother, telling her what I learned from my doctor, Fritzie told me that if I followed her healthful guidance and suggestions 100 percent, she guaranteed that not only would my allergies and sinus problems clear up within 30 days, my entire life would also profoundly change for the better: my acne would clear up, my energy would soar, the extra weight I was carrying would fall away, and my attitude would change from negative to positive. Needless to say, she had my attention, and for the next several hours and days (and eventually years), I learned a variety of health practices that—even though they sounded weird and strange at that time—still touched a responsive cord in my heart. That well-known adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” was definitely true for me with my grandmother’s loving support. I was ready and my entire life would change for the better because of that wonderful, memorable day with Fritzie—when my new approach to healthy living was engendered.

Along with comprehensive guidance on the healing power of natural, plant-based foods, herbs and spices and the importance of cultivating a positive attitude, she taught me the specifics of taking great care of my body so that my body would be better equipped to take great care of me—in other words, how to live a sacred, balanced vibrantly healthy life. One of the health foods she encouraged me to take every day was raw apple cider vinegar. She had me put one to two tablespoons into a glass of water (about 10 – 12 ounces) and drink it down at least once daily. Within days of consuming this new beverage, I began to feel better, and it’s been part of my healthy living program for decades — that is until a few months ago when I discovered a fantastic liquid herbal concentrate called Slender Cider. (Refer to my healthy eating and living books — Health Bliss, Be Healthy~Stay Balanced, Recipes for Health Bliss and The Healing Power of NatureFoods — for detailed information on healthy foods/recipes and living with vibrancy.) From my grandmother’s loving guidance, I chose my life career; my passion for alternative and holistic heath was born. And because of her holistic health teachings, I have never taken any prescription medication in my life. Instead, I choose to live close to Nature and listen to my body’s whisperings. To learn more about my favorite apple cider vinegar~herbal concentrate, continue reading.

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