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You have the power within you to create a glorious life. It is your birthright and potential as a child of God. The only possible limitation is your own thought, belief and imagination.

— Wired for High-Level Wellness

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  • Nature heals me from the inside out. The same omniscient power that created the beauty of the trees, plants, ocean, butterflies, and flowers also created me. I am no less amazing than the most spectacular sunset or sunrise. In my moments alone in nature, I rediscover my oneness with God, gaining new perspective, a quiet heart, and a healthier outlook.

    — Affirmations

    Today I take time to refresh, relax, and unwind. I may spend more time in prayer and meditation, visualizing my body as a sacred temple filled with renewing life. I may exercise to help me get in tune with my body. I may embrace new, more healthful ways to prepare my food. Throughout the day, I take charge of my wellness.

    — Affirmations

    My body is fit, trim, and energetic, and is nurtured by my healthy relationship with food. I select from a rainbow of colorful, natural foods as close to the way nature made them as possibe. I eschew processed junk foods and choose from an array of nutritious foods that nourish me from head to toe, inside out.

    — Affirmations

    Every day in every way I am getting healthier, wealthier, and happier. All the cells in my body are sizzling with revitalization. Today I show gratitude for my miraculous body by taking loving care of it in every way.

    — Affirmations

    I rest in the peace of God and open my heart and mind to miracles all around me. I carry this inner peace with me throughout the day. Others who come in contact with me feel more tranquil and relaxed because of my mental calmness and composure. Peace is my constant companion.

    — Affirmations

    My 206 bones in my miraculous body are strong and healthy. All of my organs are in tip-top shape. Each of my 70 trillion cells is sizzling with renewed vitality. Every day in every way, I am feeling healhier, happier, and more confident.

    — Affirmations

    My body is fit, healthy, and youthful — easily and effortlessly. I select from a rainbow of natural foods. Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, I enjoy eating foods grown as close to the way nature made them as possible. I am grateful for the abundance of energy and vitality I feel as a result. I love my body and take care of it each day with healthy foods and positive thoughts.

    — Affirmations

    Being healthy is a top priority for me. I am committed to living my highest potential and begin the process with getting enough sleep, water, and colorful fresh fruits and vegetables today. My body is my temple and with all of my actions throughout this glorious day, I treat my body with kindness, respect, and high esteem.

    — Affirmations

    I attract positive, supportive friends and nurture my friendships. I know that I always attract back to myself what I visualize, think, desire, and believe that I deserve.
    — Affirmations

    This body in which I live is my home and I lovingly care for it. Within me is the Light of Love (of God) and vitality that infuses every cell, tissue, and organ of my body temple. Just as a spark ignites a candle flame illuminating a room, the spark of Light inside me ignites a healing power that knows no bounds. It is part of who I am. I can facilitate healing by seeing myself as whole and well. As I do, I become more attuned to the healing light that is continually renewing and revitalizing me.

    — Affirmations

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    God bless, Susan

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    Daily Affirmation

    I give thanks for increasing health, love, prosperity, and vitality. This is a special day and I plan to use it wisely. Every thought I engender and action I take is steeped in positivity and faith. I radiate confidence, follow my heart, and deserve the best. I am a magnet for miracles today.

    — Affirmations
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