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If we put God first in our lives and live with faith, greet each day as a blessing and treat ourselves with tenderness, our self-esteem will blossom. Start with being committed and faithful to a healthy lifestyle.

~ Wired for High-Level Wellness

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  • I have the power and ability to get along well with others. If I become mired in a disagreement with another person, I set differences aside for a moment and remember a powerful truth, one that re-establishes harmony: We are both sacred beings. We may still agree to disagree on some things, but we do so with respect for our unique beliefs and passions in life.
    ~ Affirmations

    I greet this day with enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm comes from "entheos" which means to have God within. Today I dwell in the presence of God’s light and love. With this partnership, everything is possible, if I only believe and trust. So I let go and let God shine through me. 

    ~ Affirmations

    I place my cares, worries, and goals into the Light and ask that only those things for my highest good be brought forward. Focused on the positive, I give thanks for all of the unknown blessings on the way.

    ~ Affirmations

    I see beauty all around me because I focus on the my blessings and see the glass as half-full. Rather than judging by appearances, I take an eagle's-eye view and know that everything is unfolding for my highest good. Throughout the day, I reconnect to living a healthy, positive, and balanced life.

    ~ Affirmations

    I release my fears and insecurities and replace them with a mountain of faith and confidence.
    ~ Affirmations

    My outlook is positive as I appreciate all the blessings in my life. When challenges arise, I breathe deeply and turn within. I let go of resentment, guilt, and unforgiveness. Envisioning what I want to accomplish and taking an honest look at my current practices, I find ways to be joyful and celebrate life today.

    ~ Affirmations

    We all need a sanctuary in life, a place of refuge and protection, a place filled with love and peace where we can recharge our batteries and replenish our souls. For most people, this place is their home.

    ~ Walking on Air

    Today I have a chance to cultivate and strengthen my patience. I choose to be patient and grow in my understanding that all things happen in their own time. Affirming peace, wholeness, wisdom, and abundance, I wait patiently for demonstration to occur in the right place and time.

    ~ Affirmations

    I deserve to be happy, live fully, and celebrate life. Only the best for me. Today I welcome unexpected good and give thanks for all of my rich blessings.
    ~ Affirmations

    I am the captain of my life. My work is fulfilling and prospers me. Everything about my body and my life is sacred to me. I maintain a positive attitude and a cheerful heart as I create harmony in my life. I use wisdom and strength to discern what is best for me and to release thoughts and feelings that no longer serve my good. I am a blessing to the world.
    ~ Affirmations

    Thank you for visiting my
    website. Wishing you health,
    happiness & a balanced life,
    God bless, Susan

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