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In your unique body, mind and spirit you have been given everything you need to be the best you can be, to become master of your life. Cherish and respect your body unconditionally because it is sacred.

— Wired for High-Level Wellness

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  • Do you have what it takes to reach the top of the mountain? If you think you don’t, dispel that thought. You have the power and ability to achieve your goals. You are the president and CEO of your body and life.

    — The Joy Factor

    Intuition is nurtured in a variety of ways — through prayer, nature walks, or time spent alone thinking or gazing out a window. The more you act on your intuitive hunches, the stronger they become.
    — The Joy Factor

    Life is a process of receiving and releasing — taking in and giving out. Just as you must inhale and exhale to live, you must practice receiving and letting go in your life. In letting go comes true freedom and miracles.

    — The Joy Factor

    Surrender is traveling lightly through life, releasing what is no longer helpful or what is creating blockage to your inner peace. Surrender means letting go and allowing things to unfold in divine order.

    — The Joy Factor

    The search for happiness, in itself, will prove to be disheartening. For happiness will not be found in people, places, and things: it is a quality of the heart, a by-product of living a life centered in joy and love, in God.

    — The Joy Factor

    We're here on earth not to see through one another, but to see one another through. As you give, so shall you receive. Giving brings joy and puts us in touch with the love that we are. Give from a loving heart today.
    — The Joy Factor

    Take a close look at your life. See all the ways you can be of service and spread some happiness. Maybe it’s a smile or listening to someone’s heartache. It doesn’t matter the form of service; do it with heart.

    — The Joy Factor

    To create peace on earth, we must stop dividing the world, the nations, the races, the religions, the sexes, the ages, and the resources, and know that it’s time to come together and live in harmony and love.
    — The Joy Factor

    The earth is our home and a home is something to care for and protect, not abuse. Even though you are one person, you can make a difference. Everything you think and do contributes to the quality of life.

    — The Joy Factor

    The spirit of life that runs through our bodies is the same spirit that pulsates through our planet and connects us. We are one with and part of an indivisible family. Love our Mother Earth. Care for one another.
    — The Joy Factor

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