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To become master of your outer life, you must first become master of your inner world — CEO of your mind. Teach your mind how to think differently: how to be calm, loving, courageous and optimistic. Optimism helps people cope with disease and recover more quickly from surgery. Even more impressive is the impact of a positive outlook on overall health, longevity and enthusiasm for life.

— Wired for High-Level Wellness

Audio Seminar: How to Achieve Any Goal

Audio Seminar: How to Achieve Any Goal

Audio Seminar: How to Achieve Any Goal

Running Time: 58:24

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In this very popular audio program, How to Achieve Any Goal: The Magic Of Creative Visualization, recorded in a professional studio, you will receive all of the tools you need to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary — from a state of surviving to thriving — in every area of your life. This easy-to-understand audio seminar has already been embraced by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide whose lives have enriched by Susan's down-to-earth approach to using our minds more fully to create the dreams of our hearts.



This audio seminar used to sell for $50.00. Susan is making it available for only $15.00 so each of you can get a copy immediately and start upgrading your life. The cost to attend this all-day seminar in person with Susan is usually $900. But now you can have this life-changing, dynamic abridged version without any lack of cachet. It's a program that many of you will want to listen to every day for the first month, and then weekly for the following quarter, and then monthly for the rest of the year to help keep on purpose — empowered, inspired, and motivated to stay on course, to move in the direction of your dreams, and to achieve all of your highest visions, goals, and desires. You deserve to live your best life now. And this audio seminar, How to Achieve Any Goal, is your ticket to creating your very best life.


Yes, you will learn about the power of creative visualization and how to use it to achieve your highest vision for yourself and your richest goals. But you will also learn how to use your mind to create vibrant health, look years younger than your age, eliminate depression, champion high self-esteem and confidence, and bring more peace and tranquility into your daily activities. As Susan explains in this seminar program, we were all created to live our highest potential and to use our mind power more efficaciously. Sadly, most people only utilize a fraction of their minds' power and potential. So more than simply understanding how practice creative visualization daily to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, heal the body, and glow with youthful vitality, you will also receive a detailed seminar on other aspects of mind power such as how to be in control of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions in ways that they can work for you rather than against you.


How to Achieve Any Goal is the seminar and workshop that Susan has proffered around the world for over 25 years. After much encouragement from the participants in her seminars, Susan put all of her invaluable, high-octane information to this audio format, which has already been purchased by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It will be like you are taking a one-on-one private workshop with Susan as your personal holistic and leadership coach. Each time you listen to it, you will benefit from all of her wisdom and common-sense perspective on how to live more vibrantly, passionately, joyfully, and successfully. This is the program that should be taught in every school — starting at an early age, too — but very few people know the secrets contained in this seminar that can turn their lives around immediately and in a very unequivocal and positive direction.


As she shares in different ways in her new books The Joy Factor and Walking on Air: Your 30-Day Inside and Out Rejuvenation Makeover, and in this acclaimed audio seminar How to Achieve Any Goal, your life and all of its magnificence is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Plant seeds of  high self-esteem and support them with all of your actions. You deserve the very best life has to offer you, but it first begins with what you think and what you say. Today, invite Susan into your life as your personal "living fully" success coach, through How to Achieve Any Goal: The Magic of Creative Visualization, and she will walk with you every step of the way to the top of the mountain of high-level success in every area of your life.

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For those of you who would like more information, here's a brief list of some lessons and insights you will  garner this audio seminar, How to Achieve Any Goal, and also from Susan's new book Walking on Air:

  • Control of the mind is essential if we are going to experience the joy of living healthfully and successfully. Be firm but loving, for the mind is the rein that controls the horses — the emotions and the body — and guides them to safety along the road of life. Train the mind always to be loving and kind and to see the best in others and in everything. When the road of life is step, keep your mind even.
  • What you give your love, time, and attention to, you get more of in your life. We must become aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our experiences. Each of us has the freedom to accept and embrace whatever thoughts we choose. You possess within the silence of your being the ability to think, create, and become whatever you want to become. So take your thoughts off the negative and think only about those things you want to be part of your life.
  • Our lives reflect our thoughts, dreams, expectations, beliefs, hopes, feelings of self-worth, and desires. Knowing this, you can consciously modify your inner states to create the life of your highest potential and vision. We are not victims of circumstance; we are the architects of our lives.
  • Our conscious thoughts create an image of our lives, ourselves, our feelings; our unconscious reproduces that image perfectly. We create our own heaven or hell. Your thoughts can imprison you or set you free. Complications, conditions, or people do not upset you, but the way you think about them causes your upset. Freedom is not possible until we discipline and retrain our minds.
  • When we take charge of ourselves, of our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, all things respond. Our Creator has given us free will, but we must accept it. And through the activity of our indwelling heart-light, we have the power to retrain our minds and be in control. No matter how long or how often we have misused our minds, we can still mold and use those minds in ways that are positive and uplifting.
  • You say you’re justified in certain thoughts because of what’s happening in your life? Negative thoughts bring those negative conditions. You must break the cycle if you are to create a positive, peaceful, and happy future. As you think, you feel; and as you feel, you radiant; and as you radiate, you attract back the essence of what you express and think. I am always consciously aware of what I’m thinking.
  • Never underestimate the power of your mind as master controller. With sagacity and simplicity, Jesus said, “As you think, so shall you be.” There’s no denying that the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. And one way to get control of your thoughts is to take control of your imagination.
  • Albert Einstein wrote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” He also said: “Your imagination is a preview of your life’s coming attractions.” That’s a wonderful message to me.
  • The imagery you use to envision your dreams, goals, desire, and hopes is the key to self-mastery. Creative visualization is a tool for using your imagination more consciously. You must practice it with feeling, thanksgiving, and acceptance.
  • If you want greater health, see yourself, in your mind’s eye, as radiantly healthy and energetic. Whatever those mental pictures are for you, make them vivid and real. If you want more peace, visualize yourself as a peaceful person. The same with prosperity, creativity, happiness, relationships, and anything else you might want.
  • Use affirmations in conjunction with creative visualization. Keep your words sweet in case you have to eat them, as the folk wisdom admonishes. Words, especially those with feeling, have power. Speak only words that are loving, true, kind, and helpful. Always speak from your highest self and let your words express the truth of your being. 
  • Using affirmations is one of the great spiritual techniques of our time. Affirmations offer an opportunity to speak the truth about who you are and what you want to create. They encourage us to be true to our words and to our imagination. Soon we are doing more than just saying the right words, thinking the right thoughts, and visualizing our goals and dreams. Soon we have adopted a whole new way of being. We have aligned what we think, feel, say, and do.


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Make the choice today to get a copy of this seminar, How to Achieve Any Goal, and then listen to it often. If you do, you'll marvel at how quickly your life experiences will change for the better. As you achieve your goals and create more success in your life, you will be an inspiration to everyone with whom you come in contact. You will become the President and CEO of your body and life. And everyone in your life will be blessed by your extraordinary new life experiences that will be filled to the brim with high levels of prosperity, robust health, heart-felt happiness, balance living, and nurturing peace.


Life begets energy. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.

~ Sarah Bernhardt

Life is a long journey, but busy people make it too short;
The world is a very broad place, 
But narrow minded people make it narrow—more than it should be;
Flowers dancing in the wind and moonlight in the snow
are beautiful relaxing sceneries,
but worried people move too hectic
and miss the magic right before their eyes.

~ Hong Ying Ming
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