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Being a beacon of light of my life means that I put God first before everything. Prayer and meditation help me stay connected. Meditation is a natural way to attain peace. It strengthens the body's immune system, slows the aging process, awakens regenerative energies, enlivens the nervous system and enhances creative abilities. Let your heart-light shine today.

— Wired for High-Level Wellness


COVID-19, COLDS, FLU & CANCER: How Transcend Infrared Sauna Therapy Can Be Used For Healing

Infrared Saunas Help Destroy Viruses, Cancer Cells, Unfriendly Bacteria, Germs . . . and Heal & Rejuvenate the Body

To listen to my recent radio interview on This Week in America, please click HERE.

To read my detailed, informtive article on why you should have your own personal infrared sauna for your home and why the Transcend Infrared Sauna is the best one in the industry, click HERE.

Use my name ("Susan S. Jones") as your code when purchasing your health-enhancing Far Infrared Sauna and you will get $500 off of any size sauna.

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Scroll down to find out how to be an entrepreneur with your personal Infrared Sauna and recoup the purchase price in only a few months.


Here's a free PDF copy of the excellent book RAPID VIRUS RECOVERY: No Need to Live in Fear! by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD (2021) where you'll learn all about, among other things, how to nebulize hydrogen peroxide to augment immunity and also effectively kill the Coronavirus in your body -- quickly!


I am sure like everyone, you have some anxiety about the coronavirus. This page will give you a more positive and healthy perspective on how you can strengthen your immune system and feel confident that wellness is within your grasp, even with a virus going around. Above is a very recent radio interview I did on the popular, national radio program This Week in America with host Ric Bratton. We discuss all aspects of Boosting Immunity & Conquering Coronavirus.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to get the best Coronavirus prevention and treatment tips from the prestigious Stanford Medical & Health Center. They are also excellent to prevent colds and the flu.

Highly contagious viruses like the coronavirus (and all other viruses you may experience year-round) enter your body through your nose and mouth either after breathing in air droplets from a sick individual who coughs or sneezes, or after touching your nose or mouth after hand-to-hand contact or shared use of objects with a cold sufferer. Once the virus enters the body, the integrity of your immune system determines whether or not you become sick with symptoms.


Thus, there are two lines of defense in virus or cold prevention: practicing good hygiene and maintaining strong immunity. In this radio interview, you will learn about all of the lines of defense and how to incorportate them into your life. Our discussion includes and best superfoods to eat and avoid, how to stay clear of any virus, how exercise bolsters immunity, the importance of ample sleep for strong immune function, which herbs and vitamins to take such as Astragalus, Echinacea, Garlic, Onions, Vitamins C and D, Oregano Oil, Olbas, and so much more!


For this article, I will focus on the benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Baths (also known as heat therapy or sauna bathing) and how they kill viruses, cancer cells, germs, unfriendly bacteria, and heal the body head-to-toe, and support overall high-level wellness. I will even share with why I highly recommend the TRANSCEND INFRARED SAUNA to have at home — the one I have used for decades and would not be without. More than ever before, I am so glad that I have a personal infrared sauna in my home and if, by chance, a virus (coronavirus or others) set up shop in my body, I would definitely want to sit in my infrared sauna immediately and daily destroy it.


Scroll down to the very bottom for my recipe for Natural Hand Sanitizer you can make quickly to use for you and your family or to give away as gifts. Everyone loves it!

For the decades I have used this Infrared Sauna, I have not had a virus, any kind of cold, the flu, or any health issues other than being tired from long workdays and more. In fact, I think every home should have the Transcend Infrared Sauna. Please refer to all of the Heat Therapy articles under "Favorites" in this site's navigation bar for much more detailed info on the healing benefits of taking infrared saunas and the difference between infrared and traditional dry saunas and also steam rooms.

Take a Sauna

This may sound like a luxury, but there's copious scientific evidence suggesting that saunas may help prevent the common colds (it's a virus) and other viruses like coronavirus. One 1989 German study found that people who indulged in an Infrared Sauna twice a week got half as many colds and other viruses as those who didn't. The benefit may come from inhaling air hotter than 80 degrees, a temperature too hot for viruses to survive.

According to Pamela Strike Fullerton, a Board Member of the Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, a very prestigious Health Care Center who's word can be trusted, this CORONAVIRUS is not heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature of just 79/80 degrees. It hates the sun. If for no other reason, this would be an excellent reason to purchase your own personal TRANSCEND Infrared Sauna (the one I use and highly recommend) to keep in your home for you, friends and family to use at your convenience. Fullerton also mentioned that the coronavirus pneunomia is a dry cough and no runny nose. So here are a couple scientific studies on how enjoying time in a Transcend Infared Sauna lowers the risk of pneumonia and respiratory problems.


Respiratory illness (which can advance into pneumonia) is part and parcel of almost all viruses, including coronavirus.

  Frequent sauna bathing may reduce the risk of pneumonia in middle-aged Caucasian men: The KIHD prospective cohort study.

  Sauna bathing reduces the risk of respiratory diseases: a long-term prospective cohort study.


And for more scientific studies all related to cornonavirus, other viruses, infections and much more, please click on these captivating studies below.


The top 3 studies show immune stimulation, next 2 show heat shock proteins reduce mortality in sepsis (overwhelming infection) and the second specifically with lung injury, and 2 above are about sauna bathing reducing risk of pneumonia and respiratory disease.

  The role of heat shock proteins and their receptors in the activation of the immune system.

  How is the immune response affected by hyperthermia and heat shock proteins?

  Heat shock proteins in infection.

  Heat shock treatment decreases the mortality of sepsis in rats.

  Induction of the heat shock response reduces mortality rate and organ damage in a sepsis-induced acute lung injury model.



Why Infrared? Infrared is a section of the natural band of light that is not visible to the human eye, but can be felt as heat. Unlike the high heat produced in traditional saunas, far infrared heat is able to penetrate the body to a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches. This stimulates the body’s cellular detoxification process more effectively and at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna.


The infrared sauna is also more beneficial over the traditional sauna or steam room if weight loss is desired because of the energy expenditure. Compared to the steam room, the sauna places a greater demand on the body in terms of using up calories — therefore assisting in fat loss. Studies show that a person can burn up to 300 calories during a sauna session, the equivalent of a 2-3 miles jog or an hour of moderate weight training.


Studies on Artificially Induced Fever — Heat Therapy

Today sweating is not only “in,” it’s been proven to be one of the healthiest things a body can do. Nothing beats the feeling and overall well-being or the health benefits you get after you’ve worked up a “good sweat” and the easiest key to a “good sweat” in an infrared sauna.

Sweating by overheating the body in an infrared sauna also produces these effects:


1)  Creates a “fever” reaction that kills potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria and increases the number of leukocytes in the blood, thereby strengthening the immune system — which is very important for fighting viruses, including colds, flu, cancer and bolstering resistance to infections. In other words, it increases and accelerates the body’s own healing activity and restorative capacity.

2)  Speeds up metabolic processes of vital organs and inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and virus. The vital organs and glands, including endocrine and sex glands, are stimulated to increased activity.

3)  Places demands upon the cardiovascular system, making the heart pump harder and producing a drop in diastolic blood pressure.

4)  Stimulates vasodilation of peripheral vessels, which relieves pain and speeds up healing of sprains, strains, bursitis, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis and muscle pain.

5)  Promotes relaxation, thereby lending a feeling of well-being.

6)  Refer to my website for many more scientific studies on how the TRANSCEND infrared sauna bathing sessions can destroy any nasty viruses in your body. Put “Coronavirus” in the Search Bar.

I use and highly recommend the Transcend Infrared Sauna by High Tech Health in Boulder, CO. Use my name as a code and get a $500 discount on a 1-, 2-, or 3-person Sauna. It’s the best sauna in the industry.


To call and ask questions or order: 800-794-5355 • 303-413-8500, both MT.

Remember, an investment in your health is the best investment you can make. I’d never be without my personal TRANSCEND infrared sauna, which I use often; it’s kept me very healthy for decades.


Make Artifically Induced Fever Your New Best Friend in Your Home

There is a great health benefit of fever. Nobel-Prize winner Dr. Andre Lwoff, a French virologist, believes that high temperature during infection helps combat the growth of virus. "Therefore, fever should not be brought down with drugs," he said. Two medical doctors, Werner Zable and Josef Issels, have this to say about fever: "Artificially induced fever has the greatest potential in the treatment of many diseases including cancer."

The late world-renowned German physical education professor named Dr. Ernst F. Jokl (a founder of sports medicine in Germany, South Africa and the USA, and author of 27 books and 261 scientific papers — in other words, a brilliant person who is an authority in sports medicine) found that in his study, there were no cancer patients among marathon runners. He conducted a study of marathoners who logged about 20 miles a day. Analyzing their sweat, he found it contained cadmium, lead, and nickel. Ernst concluded that these athletes excreted these potential cancer-causing elements from their bodies by perspiring. He and other scientists conclude that it is necessary to sweat profusely at least once a day to maintain good health. It's nearly impossible to do this unless you have your own personal infrared sauna, unless you are a marathon runner and train daily with profuse sweating (artifically induced fever).


Usually, only the most active of athletes achieve sweat through heavy exercise on a daily basis, and usually not of the deep, prolonged, therapeutic type that will flush out toxins and heavy metals like you can get in an infrared sauna. Unfortunately, most people do not exercise enough or spend time in saunas to sweat frequently to eliminate the accumulation of toxins. And yet, we now know to maintain a healthy body and mind; everyone needs to eliminate and flush out these accumulated poisons regularly. And those who are unable to exercise heavily, for whatever reason, have an even greater need to create a regular sweat. Deep sweating through daily saunas is the best method of doing this.


When You Use a Transcend Infrared Sauna Regularly


When infrared saunas are used regularly, studies have shown such benefits as improvement of blood circulation, restored youthfulness, toxin and heavy metal reduction, weight control, cellulite reduction, skin cleansing and rejuvenation, allergy reduction, rash reduction, muscle and joint pain reduction, and so much more that you can read about on other pages of this website.


With a top quality infrared sauna readily available in your home, you are able to stay in for a longer time, thus able to reap greater benefits than through the use of other saunas like traditional dry saunas and steam rooms. Also, because body temperature will rise slightly, the body reacts in the normal manner by raising the heart rate to a mild aerobic range, increasing blood flow, opening up the capillaries for greater blood flow to sluggish areas, opening up the pores, and creating the deep sweat that flushes out the toxins.


Enjoying Your Time in An Infrared Sauna

As I write about in my book WIRED FOR HIGH-LEVEL WELLNESS, my time in the sauna is a sacred time for me and I enjoy every second in the welcoming warmth of the beautiful wood environment knowing I'm taking care of my God-given body. I bring in my alkaline, hydrogen water with lemon slices; I do my deep breathing exercises; I often use this time to pray, meditate and visualize my goals and dreams; I might listen to music or an audio book; and sometimes I nap (lie down in my larger infrared sauna). How's that for enjoyable multitasking?

I know many people who set their saunas up in their home so they can see and hear their television while sitting in the sauna. Others use their sauna-time to return calls or go/shop online, or sing, or visit with a family member who is enjoying the sauna, too. Families who sauna together, stay together. I even have a friend to knits while she sits in the sauna. So it's up to you. You can enjoy the peaceful, healing warmth of the salubrious sauna by simply relaxing and doing nothing, or occupy your time with other activities since an infrared sauna doesn't get as brutally
hot as a traditional, dry sauna does.

I have a Transcend 2-Person (TR-2 pictured above) and a more commodious Transcend 3-Person (TR-3 pictured to the right). In my TR-3, I will often lie down with my legs resting up on the wall. It's very relaxing and comforting to lie down in the coziness of the infrared sauna listening to music with an increased blood flow back to my heart and brain with my legs elevated. After the sauna is over, my mind is more focused and sharp and I have more energy.

To read my article on HEAT THERAPY and The Healing Power of INFRARED SAUNAS, and the myriad ways they heal and rejuvenate the body, click HERE.

For another recent interview on This Week in America with host Ric Bratton on The Healing Power of Sweating & Infrared Saunas, please click HERE.

Other Scientific Studies Have Proven that Infrared Sauna Therapy (aka Sauna Baths) Supports Our Health in Myriad Ways — When Used at Least Twice a Week
(I use my Transcend Infrared Sauna 2-5 times weekly -- unless traveling.)

Promotes Longevity
Slows the Aging Process

Supports Whole-Body Detoxification

Beautifies Skin

Helps to Normaize Blood Pressure
Improves Circulation

Relaxes the Entire Body
Decreases Pain & Inflammation

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

Enhances & Improves Cognitive & Mental Function

Reduces Risk of Pneumonia

 To read about each of these categories above in detail, click on the article link above.


Keeping the Sauna Price Down & Becoming an Entrepreneur with Your Sauna


Neighborly Creative Joint Purchase: If it's too pricey for your pocketbook right now to get one just for you, but you still want to take advantage of this spectacular limited-time sale saving you $500 , invite one or more friends to chip in together for this purchase and you can all share the sauna. Find a few neighbors on your block to join you so it's convenient for everyone. You could keep it on your covered backyard deck or in someone's easy-to-access garage or basement, or other creative place.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: I also suggested the following to a few entrepreneur friends and they are all making an impressive income by renting out sauna sessions. Of course it depends on where you live in North America in terms of what you can charge, but some friends in West LA, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Sedona, Boca Raton, Santa Barbara, Houston, and many other towns have purchased the 3-person Transcend Infrared Sauna. They put it somewhere in their home and rent out sessions. For many of my friends, the price is $60 for a 30-minute session and $75 for a 50-minute session without offering a shower afterwards. And for those people who can offer a sauna session followed before and/or after with a shower, my friends are charging $125 for a 30-minute session/shower access and $150 for a 50-minute session/shower access. And two of my friends who are massage therapists at adding on a 60- to 90-minute massage after the sauna/shower sessions for $300 to $325. 


The sky's the limit on how you can make your own personal sauna bring in income for you. In other words, you will be able to recoup the cost of your sauna(s) purchases within a few months. Five of my friends even purchased three saunas each — a 1-person, a 2-person and also a 3-person sauna so more than 1-3 people can use them at once.


Remember, when you call High Tech Health in Boulder, CO, who make the best infrared saunas in the industry, and the one I use and recommend exclusively (the Transcend) because it's superior to all others with EMF-free heaters and it's totally environmentally safe, you can ask any questions you want and get a free health consultation.


Click HERE to read my detailed article on why the Transcend Far Infrared Sauna is the best one in the sauna industry and the only one you should consider getting.


Even if you live alone and will be the only one using it, with a 2-Person Sauna, you'll have more space, and with a 3-Person Sauna, you can do what I do — lie down with your feet up on the wall for part of your sauna bathing session and then sit up. Sometimes, if I want to stay in longer, halfway through, I'll rinse off in a cool shower for about 30 seconds and then get right back into the warm, inviting sauna. When finished, it's wonderful, if you have the time, to sit in a patio chair or lounge. It's hard to describe, but when you sit or lie down for 10 to 15 minutes after getting out of the sauna, you feel the glorious vibration of high-level wellness flowing through your entire body. It's also a great time to meditate.


Use my name ("Susan S. Jones") as your code when purchasing your health-enhancing Far Infrared Sauna(s) and you will get $500 off of any size sauna. Call Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

800-794-5355 (USA & Canada)
303-413-8500 (International)
 Both Mountain Time

How Drinking the Best Water Supports Vitality & Weight Loss

The Best Water for You, Your Family & PETS… and for Easy Weight Loss & Renewed Vitality

 On the radio program, This Week in America with host Ric Bratton, I discuss pH balance, how to identify if you have Metabolic Acidosis (most people have this condition and don't even know it), and surefire tips to heal with an alkaline diet and lifestyle. To listen, click HERE.

 On another episode of This Week in America, we discuss in detail the ABCs of Infrared Saunas, the benefits of having one in your home, where to purchase the best one and get a discount, and how saunas heal and rejuvenate the body in... Sweating Your Way to Vitality. Click HERE to listen.

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Book with Delicious Recipes

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Ionizer Plus
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Any time of year is the best time to cleanse and rejuvenate your body from head to toe, inside out. What’s the best way to do this? WATER, WATER, WATER. The most essential element in nutrition is water. Depending on the source, water almost always contains valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The Ionizer Plus® Water Electrolyzer, pictured in the two photos in this page, which I've used for over 20 years in both my office and home, concentrates the minerals present in your water. This process makes both the water and the minerals more bioavailable and easily absorbed. Drinking this delicious water has the effect of improving the digestive system. In fact, the High Tech Health company guarantees that it will help solve digestive problems within 30 days, or your money back.

To read detailed info on how alkaline, electrolyzed water heals your body from head to
toe, inside out, please CLICK HERE.

This advanced ionizer/water purifier filters the tap water and removes all impurities, including arsenic and other CHEMICALS. Then the water is treated with ultraviolet for disinfection. Next, it enters an electrolysis chamber where it is treated with a precise direct current that divides it into two distinctly different types of water, alkali-ion and acidic-ion. The resulting alkaline water permeates the body quickly and efficiently. I would not be without my Ionizer Plus. I use the alkaline water for drinking and in my food recipes, and I use the acid water for all of my plants and for special topical skin rejuvenators such as frozen ice cubes to rub on my face and neck after showering (a surefire natural beauty secret that will give your skin a youthful glow every time; I do this 3-4 times weekly to keep my skin radiant).

When your body becomes too acidic from diet, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle, it is more difficult to lose the extra fat. In my private practice, when clients come to see me for help in losing weight,
I always recommend eating some fresh sprouts very day (as I write about in my book Kitchen Gardening) and also getting the Ionizer Plus and drinking 8-10 glasses of water from this device every day. People are always astonished at how their extra weight falls away more easily simply by doing this one thing — drinking this purified, alkaline water each day. Why does this happen? Well, ...

Thank you for visiting my
website. Wishing you health,
happiness & a balanced life,
God bless, Susan

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