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This moment — right now — can be a new, peaceful and healthy beginning. No longer do you need to repeat the past, worry about the future or struggle through life as a victim of circumstances.

~ Be the Change

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  • Joy is my way of life. Gratitude cultivates joy. I give thanks for all the blessings in my life and appreciate each person and animal who is sharing this journey with me. When challenges arise, I breathe deeply and handle them with aplomb. I acknowledge my experiences with a calm assurance that life is good. Today I am friendly and encouraging toward others and myself. 

    ~ Affirmations

    My consciousness of good magnetizes ever-increasing blessings to me. Every change I move through today and every insight I receive gives me a renewed sense of the divine power that is mine to claim and use in my life. I am empowered when I overcome challenges, when I serve others, and when I keep my word and commitments.

    ~ Affirmations

    I strive for balance in my life by finding peace in my own company as well as in the presence of others. I am confident and radiate a joyful heart.
    ~ Affirmations

    I release the past and embrace each moment with love and forgiveness in my thoughts and heart. I free my spirit by forgiving. I look within and find truth, wisdom, and strength. In the silence, I align with peace.

    ~ Affirmations

    I am grateful for my means of transportation and I always arrive safely at my destinations. My guardian angels are watching over me and seeing me through. Every day in every way, I am feeling more confident, guided, and protected.

    ~ Affirmations

    No matter what is happening in the outer world, I am centered within. With wisdom and understanding, I pursue what brings out the best in me and others. I live with courage and conviction and am continually aligned with my higher purpose.

    ~ Affirmations

    I am financially self-sufficient and happy in my work. I have something unique to offer and let my integrity shine through in all of my dealings with others.
    ~ Affirmations

    I look upon my day with a smiling heart that’s filled with gratitude for this miracle of life. My goal today is to be at peace. I soothe any anxiety in my mind and heart with these words repeated often: "Peace, be still." I gratefully connect with the deep peace within me and offer this gift of peace to the world.

    ~ Affirmations

    In my dealings with others, I show appreciation, respect, and kindness. I live by the Golden Rule and treat others how I want to be treated. Being kind to others first begins with kindheartedness towards myself. 

    ~ Affirmations

    Today I am mindful of the feast of colors, beauty, and magnificence in nature. In all of her resplendence, Mother Nature enriches my life and I am blessed and grateful.
    ~ Affirmations
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    Daily Motivational Affirmation

    I celebrate my heart’s deepest desires by expressing them enthusiastically. I turn within for my answers and accept a bright and glorious future. With faith and determination, today I move in the direction of my dreams.

    ~ Affirmations
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