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When you make a commitment, arrange your personal circumstances so your lifestyle supports your commitment. Eliminate the nonessentials and superfluous, and see your goal as already achieved.

~ Choose to THRIVE

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  • The determinant of what we eat should be our body’s needs, not merely the appeal of the senses. Meditating/praying briefly before a meal is a powerful tool to foster choosing foods that promote health and vitality.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    Stop eating just before you feel really full. In this way you reprogram your subconscious and take control rather than letting your habits control you. Stopping short of satiety helps you to be in charge of your choices.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    The entire process of eating needs to be given your full attention to get the maximum benefits. Be conscious of the hunger you feel before you eat, how the food looks and smells as you prepare it, serve it and eat it.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    Whether for food or something else, the difficulty in resisting sensory desire comes from the force of conditioning. Every time we are negatively conditioned, we lose a little of our freedom to choose.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    Your mind may have some negative programming about your new, healthy eating habits that will trip you up. The mind will always choose immediate gratification over long-term satisfaction.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    Choose to eat foods the way nature made them, replete with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, fibers and water, in the right proportions for your well-being, and don't overeat.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    Who we are consists of the sum of our choices: what we think and imagine, how we react, what we eat, what we say, how we feel and what we expect. Inside each of us is power to create what we want.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    This Victor Frankl quote is spot on. “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    Making choices that heal and integrate the body, mind and spirit is what thriving is all about — experiencing more joy and less stress. It's our choice each day to find something or someone to celebrate.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE

    Vibrant health and peace of mind (the opposite of stress) go hand in hand—you can’t reach your potential for physical health without being mentally fit as well. Doing some deep breathing each day will help.

    ~ Choose to THRIVE
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    I greet this day with gratitude for my life—now and in the past—and with anticipation of the wonders to come. Every day of my life is part of my spiritual journey, and I am thankful for each new experience. I engage in "possibility thinking," releasing thoughts of lack or limitation. Turning to the Light within me, I ask for guidance—then move forward. I need only open to this divine direction and follow, one step at a time. Nothing stands in my way.

    ~ Affirmations
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