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Too much mental multitasking with technology can enervate our body and mind and cause us to lose perspective on living fully. It's okay to unplug now and then, and press the "reset" button!

~ Be the Change

Audio Program: Celebrate Life ~ Living Your Life As If It Matters

Audio Program: Celebrate Life ~ Living Your Life As If It Matters

Book Cover for Audio Program: Celebrate Life ~ Living Your Life As If It Matters

Running Time: 6:42:50

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In her exciting series of seven audio programs, Celebrate Life: Living Your Life As If It Matters, Susan shares her fresh, dynamic approach to developing your fullest potential. Through Celebrate Life, which was recorded in a professional studio, you'll discover how to tap into your unlimited resources. This life-changing series of programs will empower you and open the gateway for miracles to abound in your life. You will come to understand that rather than hoping for miracles in your life, you will receive all of the tools needed to attract and make miracles your daily default position. With Celebrate Life, you'll enrich and transform the quality of your life -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually -- and experience greater levels of health, joy, peace, and love than ever before. It includes 7 different programs and 6 guided meditations created and lead by Susan.

Program 1: The Main Ingredients ~ Positive Thinking, Exercise & Nutrition

Program 2: Get High on Life Through Exercise ~ Make Exercise a Great Adventure

Program 3: Nutrition for Aliveness ~ Superlative Dining

Program 4: Your Thoughts May Be Fattening ~ Living Lightly, Naturally Trim

Program 5: Experience Aliveness ~ Learn from Children How to Celebrate Life

Program 6: The Joy of Solitude & The Art of Serenity ~ Relax & Meditate the Natural Way

Program 7: Celebrate Your Magnificence ~ Affirm a Beautiful Life

Recorded in a professional studio, this renowned audio program has been popular worldwide — selling tens of thousands of copies. It includes a variety of background music by bestselling musician Stephen Halpern, and it also incorporates a variety of healing sounds from nature. It's worth the cost of the series simply for its 6 guided meditations created and lead by Susan; these meditations will change your life for the better if you fully participate in them on a regular basis.

Through this 6 hour and 42 minute audio series, you will have an opportunity to enrich your life in the follow ways: Reverse the aging process; attract the love of your life; create a fit, toned, youthful and healthy body; release bad habits and addictions; detoxify and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit; stay motivated to exercise and achieve your goals; overcome debilitating stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression; build loving, supportive relationships; make peace your constant companion; let joy be your daily default position in life; follow your heart; live more from your inner guidance and intuition; become the master and architect of your dreams and life; live your very best life now; and so much more! 

Invite Susan into your life today as your personal growth and holistic lifestyle coach with this empowering, high-octane audio series Celebrate Life: Living Your Life As If It Matters — which has already changed the lives of countless people around the world. This audio series would make a lovely and welcomed gift for all those family and friends so dear to you in your life.





The mere sense of living is joy enough.

~ Emily Dickinson

I have learned that to be with those I like is enough.

~ Walt Whitman

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