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Audio Book: Wired to Meditate

Audio Book: Wired to Meditate

Audio Book: Wired to Meditate

Running Time: 1:43:17, 4 mp3 files

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In Wired to Meditate: Simple Ways to Quell Stress, Heal Your Body, Increase Prosperity & Bring Your Dreams to Fruition, Susan shares her fresh, dynamic approach to developing your fullest potential. You’ll discover how to tap into your unlimited inner resources and create the life you desire and deserve. With Wired to Meditate, you’ll enrich and transform the quality of your life and experience more vitality,  joy, and love than ever before.

The original music created for this audio book, which Susan recorded in a professional studio, will help you feel deeply relaxed and serene. In addition to bestowing detailed information on meditation and how it benefits body, reverses the aging process, and reduces pain and blood pressure, Susan also offers tools for the beginner to start a program today or advanced meditators to enrich their sessions. She even provides a segment that you can use daily to help you meditate with ease and comfort. Many people listen to this audio book often, especially at night as they are going to sleep.

For over 40 years, Susan has been a disciplined meditator. And for the past 30 years, she has also been a much-sought after meditation counselor — teaching meditation to individuals, families, and small groups — as well as leading her Meditation & Peaceful Living Made Easy workshops and seminars worldwide.

Throughout this popular audio book, you will learn how to:

Use meditation and mind power to reduce stress and foster success

Live your highest vision with aplomb

Harness your empowered inner presence to heal your body

Spend quality time in solitude

Bring your goals and dreams to fruition with ease and grace

Neutralize negative emotions

Reverse the aging process

Create tranquility in the midst of chaos

Reconnect with God and your intuition

Make peace and prosperity your constant companions

Release fear and awaken to your best self

And so much more!

If you've always wanted to learn how to meditate or upgrade your current meditation program; if you wish you could feel more peaceful and in control of your feelings and emotions; if you aspire to find simple ways to achieve your goals, increase your prosperity, heal your body, look years younger, and have more energy; if you seek to enhance your concentration, focus, and mental clarity; if you want to sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed; and if you want to live your life with more passion, celebration, enthusiasm, glee, and gratitude, then this audio book, Wired to Meditate, is the perfect gift to give yourself and those special people in your life. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already benefitted from this audio book. Make the positive choice today and invite Susan to be your personal meditation and peaceful living coach. What she shepherds in this audio program will profoundly change your life for the better and assist you in living your highest potential.


The great truth is that there is a divine plan for your life, and that divine plan is the sublime plan. It includes health, happiness, abundance, and perfect self-expression.

~ Catherine Ponder

Scientific prayer will enable you, sooner or later, to get yourself, or anyone else, out of any difficulty on the face of the earth. It is the golden Key to harmony and happiness.

~ Emmet Fox
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