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Audio Book: Choose to Live Peacefully

Audio Book: Choose to Live Peacefully

Front Cover: Choose to Live Peacefully

Total Running Time: 4:58:44,  six mp3 files.

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The late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, author of many bestselling books, said this audiobook, "Choose to Live Peacefully presents a brilliant, workable scenario for living the integrated life of spirit, mind, and body. Susan Jones is a modern Renaissance woman, a living example of the ancient wisdom, contemporary science, and twenty-first century vision that she teaches. Her workshops are powerful and life-transforming, and her books are written from experience and are as enjoyable as they are sound and practical. I wholeheartedly recommend them all, especially Choose to Live Peacefully." 

Throughout the four and a half hours of Choose to Live Peacefully: A Surefire 40-Day Program to Accelerate Fat Loss, Boost Energy, Disease-Proof Your Body, Rekindle Passion & Live Splendidly, I will help you reflect and renew, spend quality time in solitude and silence, simplify and rediscover your relationship with God, and ultimately make peace your constant, daily companion. This audiobook, which was recorded in a professional studio, offers user-friendly wisdom in the form of a life-enriching 40-day program to bring more vitality and balance into your life. Enjoy it all at once or one message each day to help you create a peaceful, empowered new beginning in your life.

I'm told that my widespread admiration stems from my perceptive insights into and positive, common-sense approach to what living healthfully and peacefully are all about. You’ll enliven your life with this easy-to-follow 40-day holistic body, mind, and spirit rejuvenation program. The choice is yours. Today can be the start of a peaceful new beginning in your life. In Choose to Live Peacefully, I show you how to create the empowered presence — a presence glowing with high self-esteem and personal confidence — that you have always desired and deserved.

In Choose to Live Peacefully, you’ll learn how to:

Bring a sacred balance into your body and life; demystify fad diets and create a healthy, fit body; ignite your self-esteem and restore youthful vitality; choose foods that heal, energize, and optimize health; stay motivated to exercise; jettison negative habits; maximize your prosperity potential; attract loving, supportive relationships; prevent and alleviate disease; create a bliss-filled life; make your home a salutary sanctuary; simplify and de-clutter your living space and life; let nature nourish your soul and lift your spirit; and so much more! 

At the end of each of the 40 chapters of this book, you will have a special Daily Affirmation to take with you for the day as well as a Daily Action Step to embrace that day to help you feel like you have the world on a string -- as the song goes. The song, I've Got the World on a String, is one of my favorites. So are two other songs: Give Me the Simple Life and On the Sunny Side of the Street. In fact, it was these three favorite songs that inspired me to write this very book -- a way in which we can all live as though we have the world on a string; we can be the masters and architects of our own lives; we can embrace simplicity when too much stress gets us down; and we can always choose the path on the sunny side of the street. While you will learn about how to use the right kind of music to quell stress, feel relaxed, and abolish addictions in my books, Walking on Air and The Joy Factor, in this Choose to Live Peacefully audiobook, the background music at the end of each chapter alone will help you to experience a more balanced and centered life on the days that you listen to this audiobook. The original music was created just for this special audio program. I suggest that you listen to this book once in its entirety, and then go back to the beginning and listen to only one chapter each and every day, and then implement this lesson for the day into your life.

You will definitely want to give this audiobook that I've recorded from my Pulitzer Prize-nominated book of the same title (that's now released under the new book title Walking on Air) as a gift to all of your friends and family; it will be a very special gift that people will thank you for often and one that keeps on giving throughout the year -- after year -- after year.

Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul.
~ Thomas Merton

Doctor, no medicine — we are machines made to live, organized expressly for the purpose. Such is our nature. Do not counteract the living principle. Leave it as liberty to defend itself, and it will do better than your drugs.
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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