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The Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated Package

The Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated Package

Sleek, Sexy & Sophisicated cover

Approximate audio running time: 6 hours and 40 minutes

Total e-book pages: 155

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Being your very best self — fit, trim, trailblazing, innovative, avant-garde, sexy, strong, vibrant, and confident — is more than trendy these days. It's essential if you want to create a successful life and live fully in every area of your life. This new package special is designed to help you reach your goals and orchestrate your best life in record-breaking time.


The Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated Package


For decades, I have traveled throughout America and the world conducting retreats and workshops to teach people how to be vibrantly healthy, happy, peaceful, confident, successful, and balanced in their lives. Early on and through the last two years, the focus of many of my workshops was on how to take control of one's health and heal the body using more nature means from head to toe, inside out. While this topic is still important and popular for my workshops, consultations, and radio interviews, over the last two years, the most often requested workshop from me, not only in the United States, but around the world, including Canada, Britain, France, Denmark, Japan, China, Qatar, and Sweden has been my workshop entitled Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated.

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This package combines four of my very popular titles below — two empowering e-Books and two dynamic Audio programs. Included is all of the information (and more!) that I offer in my 3-day workshop or retreat — Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated. If you were to purchase these 4 titles individually, your cost would be $81.80. However, when you purchase the complete package — saving you 60% — your cost is only $33.95. This collection of four will provide you with all the tools you'll need to give not only your body, but your mind, home, appearance, confidence, finances, lifestyle, and spiritual self a makeover as well.



What does it mean to you to feel sleek, sexy, and sophisticated? And is this something that you think might appeal to you? I have a feeling that these topics are of interest to you and there's a desire you feel within to upgrade your body and life. Surveys reveal that people who are fit, healthy, attractive, and confident get better paying jobs, are hired more often, are happier and more satisfied, and experience higher self-esteem. The focus of my Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated workshop/retreat is how to look and feel your very best: how to look and feel more attractive, confident, happy, healthy, and self-esteem-strong.

Everyone can feel this way no matter the size, shape, or condition of your body and current level of health at this moment. There are secrets that I teach to boost confidence and help your self-esteem take flight so you can soar like an eagle. There are ways to dress, enhance your posture, and upgrade your personal grooming so you can be more attractive, put your best foot forward, and shine more brightly from the inside out. Transformation usually begins with attitude and how you must, as my grandmother taught me, use your attitude as your mind's paintbrush, and let it color your life positive and happy.

Sometimes it might be that you are a thought or an idea or a suggestion away from achieving that big goal. Whether you are a corporate executive, small business owner, entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, or a frustrated author, with Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated, you will learn show to take your dream or idea to the next level and live with vitality...no matter your age. I demystify how to take a tiny seed of an idea and turn it into unimaginable gifts — the gifts of joy and success — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is your opportunity, with this special package, to stop surviving and to start thriving today. Everything I teach in my workshop/retreat of the same name (and more!) is part of this special package.


Start the Process of Becoming Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated TODAY!


Have you been feeling overwhelmed by life? Have you lost some joy in living? Wish you could look and feel years younger than your age and bring out your sexy side that's been hiding for years? Would you like to shed some pounds, champion high self-esteem, glow with vitality, and feel more confident and empowered that ever before? If so, then this Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated package is for you. Who doesn't want to celebrate life and live with more gusto and vitality?

Through this package, I extract and distill the most life-changing and easily applicable health- and success-building strategies from my work with thousands of clients worldwide over the past 35 years. I share all of my best secrets that my private clients pay thousands of dollars to receive personally from me.

When I lead this workshop, Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated, no mater where I am in the world, I usually end by asking the participants what it meant — what they learned during the three days to feel sleek, sexy, and sophisticated. These are the kinds of responses that I often get.

They say that it means...

  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin and body
  • Looking in the mirror and liking what you see...no matter your age
  • Being able to laugh at yourself and your everyday foibles
  • Harnessing your power so you're unstoppable and unflappable
  • Living with integrity even when no one is watching
  • Loving your life even on the days when everything goes wrong
  • Looking at the positive, no matter how challenging the situation
  • Loving yourself enough to take loving care of yourself—day in, day out
  • Taking responsibility for your choices
  • Reaching for the stars with your goals and being fearless
  • Knowing that you have the ability to achieve your highest vision

I also got these responses...

  • Being a no-limit thinker and taking risks
  • Having enough self respect to show your finest self to the world
  • Understanding how to dress and look so your best self shines through
  • Letting go of what others think of you and living your values
  • Following the guidance of your heart
  • Being sexy-strong even when you don't have a partner in your life
  • Falling down and getting back up again to create a fulfilling life
  • Feeling passionate about your life, family, friends, and significant other
  • Reconnecting to the life force within you
  • Loving your daily adventures and enjoying even mundane chores
  • Being able to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Cultivating a sophisticated approach to life and your undertakings
  • Knowing that you are already a winner — just by virtue of being alive


If being Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated is important to you, or if you would like to enrich all aspects of your life and live with more passion, grace, confidence, and balance, then this special package will be your godsend.

You were already a winner when you were born simply because you are a divine, sacred being and have within you what you need to live your life to the fullest. This special package will help you tap into your inner sacredness so that you can create the life you were born to live, and also discover your purpose and distinctive place in the world. Are you ready to connect with that splendor already in you and harness the power your were given at birth? Are you ready to ignite the pilot light of your life force and blossom into forever-youthful radiance? Are you ready to surround yourself with brilliance, beauty, balance, joy, and peace? I will show you how in Sleek, Sexy & Sophisicated.

Start Celebrating Yourself & Life Today. This Package Will Guide You On How To Become Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated











Price: $33.95
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