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Oftentimes, in the pursuit of physical goals, we do not take the time to nurture our spiritual nature, where all joy and peace originate. Daily meditation is a gateway to living a more balanced, peaceful life.

~ Walking on Air

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The ENTIRE 9-Title Vitality & Success PackageAB-0001 / AB-0002 / AU-0001 / AP-0003 / AP-0001 / AS-002 / AS-0003 / AS-0004 / AS-0001The ENTIRE 9-Title Vitality & Success Package$89.95
Audio Set: Susan's 6-Title Complete Power PackageAB-0001 / AB-0002 / AU-0001 / AS-002 / AS-0003 / AS-0001Audio Set: Susan's 6-Title Complete Power Package$68.95
The Revive & Thrive PackageEB-0005 / AB-0001 / AB-0002 / EB-0004The Revive & Thrive Package$33.95
Audio Program: Celebrate Life ~ Living Your Life As If It MattersAU-0001Audio Program: Celebrate Life ~ Living Your Life As If It Matters$49.95
Strong, Slender & Sensational • Peaceful, Poised & ProsperousAB-0001 / AB-0002 / EB-0002Strong, Slender & Sensational  •  Peaceful, Poised & Prosperous$29.80
Susan's Full Collection • All Audios + E-Books RENEW YOUR LIFEEB-0005 / AB-0001 / AB-0002 / AU-0001 / AP-0003 / AP-0001 / AS-002 / AS-0003 / AS-0004 / AS-0001 / EB-0002 / EB-0003 / EB-0001Susan's Full Collection • All Audios + E-Books  RENEW YOUR LIFE$132.00
The Calm, Cool & Collected PackageAB-0001 / AB-0002The Calm, Cool & Collected Package$24.95
The Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated PackageAB-0001 / AS-0004 / EB-0002 / EB-0001The Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated Package$33.95
The Vitality Galore PackageEB-0005 / EB-0004The Vitality Galore Package$12.95
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Daily Motivational Affirmation

I celebrate my life and live with gratitude. Where circumstances appear dire around the planet, I send extra prayers. I reach out to someone in need today and bring this special person some unexpected joy and my tenderhearted support.

~ Affirmations

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