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Living in the moment is different from living for the moment. Children are masters of getting totally involved in whatever they are doing right now. They throw themselves wholeheartedly into life. Try it!

~ Walking on Air

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Susan's Full Collection • All Audios + E-Books RENEW YOUR LIFEAB-0001 / AB-0002 / AU-0001 / AP-0003 / AP-0001 / AS-002 / AS-0003 / AS-0004 / AS-0001 / EB-0002 / EB-0003 / EB-0001Susan's Full Collection • All Audios + E-Books  RENEW YOUR LIFE$132.00
The ENTIRE 9-Title Vitality & Success PackageAB-0001 / AB-0002 / AU-0001 / AP-0003 / AP-0001 / AS-002 / AS-0003 / AS-0004 / AS-0001The ENTIRE 9-Title Vitality & Success Package$89.95
Audio Set: Susan's 6-Title Complete Power PackageAB-0001 / AB-0002 / AU-0001 / AS-002 / AS-0003 / AS-0001Audio Set: Susan's 6-Title Complete Power Package$68.95
The Revive & Thrive PackageEB-0005 / AB-0001 / AB-0002 / EB-0004The Revive & Thrive Package$33.95
Audio Program: Celebrate Life ~ Living Your Life As If It MattersAU-0001Audio Program: Celebrate Life ~ Living Your Life As If It Matters$24.95
Strong, Slender & Sensational • Peaceful, Poised & ProsperousAB-0001 / AB-0002 / EB-0002Strong, Slender & Sensational  •  Peaceful, Poised & Prosperous$29.80
The Calm, Cool & Collected PackageAB-0001 / AB-0002The Calm, Cool & Collected Package$19.95
The Complete Living Your Best Life PackageEB-0002 / EB-0003 / EB-0001The Complete Living Your Best Life Package$24.95
The Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated PackageAB-0001 / AS-0004 / EB-0002 / EB-0001The Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated Package$33.95
The Vitality Galore PackageEB-0005 / EB-0004The Vitality Galore Package$12.95
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I celebrate my heart’s deepest desires by expressing them enthusiastically. I turn within for my answers and accept a bright and glorious future. With faith and determination, today I move in the direction of my dreams.

~ Affirmations

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