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Nothing does more to make you vibrantly healthy than a regular fitness program. It unlocks your mental power and physical stamina, gives your skin a youthful glow, and puts wings under your confidence.

~ Choose to THRIVE

12 Tips to Attract Money, Prosperity & Success

12 Tips to Attract Money, Prosperity & Success

$UCCESS: Getting Into the Vibration of Money & Affluence Is Easier Than You May Think


As you'll undoubtedly agree, it's necessary these days to have money so that your basic needs can be covered — freeing you to work on more important things, such as your health and essential spiritual matters. To help you thrive with success, here are some suggestions to get into the money vibration. These 12 tips will neutralize the vibration of lack and introduce the vibration of wealth into your being and life.


1) SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE. To get into money vibration, start sharing with people what you already have, even if you have very little. This sharing action will affirm to your mind that you have so much wealth that you can even share it. Tithe 10% of your earnings to a person or organizations that motivate, uplift, and inspire you.

2) FREE YOURSELF FROM DEBT. You must get out of debt, even if you need to sell your stuff for it, and never get back into the debt. Debt enslaves you to the person or institution you owe and locks you into the vibration of lack and helplessness.

3) BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU SAY — YOUR WORDS. Stop talking negatively about your financial situation. Complaining about it again locks you into this negative vibration. Only talk about your finances if you have something positive to say about it, for example, if your money situation is improving. Repeat daily over and over these two powerful prosperity affirmations — both out loud and also silently to yourself: "I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance." "I bless and prosper everyone in my life and everyone in my life blesses and prospers me." And then live as though these affirmations are both true in your life — because they are! For more information on the healing power of affirmations, your words and thoughts and how to create your highest vision, please refer to my books Choose to Thrive and Affirming God's Love. 

4) LET GO OF WORRY. This may be much easier said than done, but I know you can do it. Stop worrying about money, comfort, security, and other material things. How do you do this? If you stop worrying about such matters by increasing your faith in God, you will find that you become a magnet for prosperity.

5) HEALTH BEFORE WEALTH. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who once wrote this: "Health is our greatest wealth." I have certainly found this to be true in my life. You must grow in vibrant health first before you can attract and hold on to your wealth. The healthier you are, the more confident and empowered you become, and this attracts wealth to you. In other words, without your health, it's very difficult to grow wealthy. If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning because you are exhausted; if you have ailments and health issues dragging you down; if you look and feel years older than your age; if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired; then take care of this immediately. Do what needs to be done to get yourself healthy, fit, and vibrant. If you need help, please refer to books Choose to Thrive and Affirming God's Love and also my collection Renew Your Life.

6) PAY ATTENTION & BE MINDFUL. Observe nature to learn the lessons it has about abundance. Everything in nature happens effortlessly and the manifestations of abundance are everywhere. Look at the sky and see a group of birds flying; look at the ground and see countless ants working; look at the trees to observe an abundance of lush leaves moving with the wind. Train your eye this way to focus on abundance everywhere, rather than lack, and this way your mind will manifest abundance in your life too.

Expand Your Consciousness to Attract Even More

For more in-depth, life-changing information that can help you live a fuller life, consider my special package Calm, Cool, & Collected, offered at a price even financially challenged can afford. In addition to becoming upwardly mobile, you will experience a fuller, happier, more balanced life as you put the principles provided in the package into practice. Click on the image to find out more.


7) GUARD YOUR THOUGHTS. Don’t accept lack statements from the people you know. Especially if you live with people who have a vibration of lack, learn to guard your mind against their harmful statements. When someone says something like that, mentally reject their statement and instead affirm something positive. This will make your mind strong and it will be able to resist being dragged down into the lower vibrations.

8) MEDITATE ON FLOWING WATER. Meditate on the sounds of flowing water, such as a river or a babbling brook. The flow of water is the representation of the flow of money. Keep this observation in mind, only this one thought, when observing the flowing water. In my office and home, I have a small audio device that plays different sounds of nature. One of them is the sound of a mellifluous babbling brook, and I often turn this on to relax me and to hear the sound of flowing water. During my meditation sessions, I will sometimes turn on these nature sounds and find it very soothing and peaceful.

9) SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY. Spend money to make money. Even though you may have very little money, learn to spend it wisely. At this stage of lack, it’s vitally important for you to put the roots of money multiplication into your being. You can do that by investing your money to make more money. Maybe you invest it to monetize a domain, keep money in a bank account with a good interest rate, or buy something like a washing machine or a lawnmower for other people to rent. This will not only multiply your money, but will also teach a valuable lesson of passive income.

10) RESPECT YOUR MONEY — PAPER, COINS & CREDIT CARDS. Don't throw your money into your wallet, purse or other receptacle. Money needs to be respected. Always keep it aligned without creased corners, wadded up, or messy. I even take this a step further. In my wallet, my paper bills are all lined up and put in descending order and all facing the same direction. For example, my wallet might have three 20-dollar bills, followed by two 10-dollar bills, followed by three 5 dollar bills, and, lastly, nine 1-dollar bills. Keep your credit cards in alignment, too, and have as your goal to pay them off in full monthly, or at least every 90 days. If you respect your money in this simple, yet practicable way, it will return the favor by multiplying and growing for you.

11) BALANCE YOUR MIND WITH DEEP BREATHING AND QUIET YOUR THOUGHTS. This might sound strange to you, but I've seen this one tip work miracles in people lives. Balance your body and mind with deep breathing so that you will feel stable, self assured, and attuned to the material money vibration inside you, if having more money is your goal. I also focus on the many quotes in the Bible about Prosperity, such as Deuteronomy 8:18, Deuteronomy 28:11, Deuteronomy 29:9, Deuteronomy 30:9, and 2 Chronicles 31:21. You can learn more about deep breathing and meditation how to do this, as well as holistic health in general, in my audiobooks Choose to Live Peacefully and Wired to Meditate.

12) BE AFFLUENT & PROSPEROUS IN ALL WAYS. Replace cheap stuff with wealth-affirming items in your home. It’s better, for example, to have fewer good quality clothes than many cheap things to wear. Everything in your surroundings affirms whether you are wealthy or poor, so make sure that at least your home is the symbol of abundance rather than lack.

What can you do today to honor some or all of these suggestions above? Never forget that you are the President and CEO of your body and life. You can create your best life and live with an abundance of joy, vibrant health, affluence, and happiness. If you would like any extra help with motivation to keep you on track, please refer to my Choose to Thive; Living on the Lighter Side; The Curative Kitchen & Lifestyle; Healthy, Happy & Radiant...at Any Age; Affirming God's Love; and Body Temple Vitality. With each book, it will feel as though I am your personal life coach and through the pages, I will walk you step-by-step to the life of your highest dreams.

All these tips will help you to raise your vibration to that of money and prosperity, finally opening you up to the flow of wealth.


Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.

~ Buddha


America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.

~ Walter Cronkite, American Broadcaster

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