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Daily pressures like family squabbles, impossible bosses, too much traffic, noisy neighbors or overdue bills cause stress. Even changes in your sleep pattern, diet, exercise or the climate can create stress.

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Are You Ready to Renew Your Life & Soar Like an Eagle?

Are You Ready to Renew Your Life & Soar Like an Eagle?

Renew Your Life

I recently returned from a media tour where I gave some motivational talks, enjoyed some book-signings for my two-book set published by Conari Press — Walking on Air: Your 30-Day Inside and Out Rejuvenation Makeover and The Joy Factor: 10 Sacred Practices for Radiant Health, and was also a guest on numerous talks shows. During my travels, many people asked me to tell them about my collection entitled RENEW YOUR LIFE. So I'll take a couple minutes here to inform you about this life-changing program and how I teach my clients how to soar like an eagle in their lives and get to the top of the mountain of soul and life achievement.

Ten years ago, I made a choice to limit the clients (and families) that I work with as a holistic lifestyle coach from 36 to only 12 each year for my comprehensive year-long program. This has been a very positive change for me and my clients. These outstanding clients are all called my special Elite Eagles because, at the end of the year's work with me, they all soar in their lives like the majestic bird and are living up to their highest potential. Limiting my year-long clients to 12, I can give each of them more of my time, attention, and most custom-tailored consultations. I get to know each person or family intimately so that I can best guide them in creating their healthiest, happiest, and most successful lives. This is the work that I've been doing for over 35 years, but I am now limiting the clients that I see regularly. I write about some of these clients' experiences and profound breakthroughs in both of my books Walking on Air and The Joy Factor. Two live in my area of Santa Monica-Brentwood and Pacific Palisades, one family is from NYC, another family is from San Francisco, and the rest of them are from other cities around the world — Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, London, Seville, Rome, and Dublin. I have a wait-list of three years at the moment and am not adding any more people to this list. 

I work with each of the clients for one year and I get paid handsomely for my expertise working with each of my discerning clients and, occasionally, everyone in their family. We make a year-long commitment to each other. At least once a year, and usually at the start of their 12 months with me, I travel to my clients' homes to see how they live, experience their environment, discuss their goals and intentions, and detail a specific program for them to follow. Also, at least once a year, each client also comes to my area to further fine-tune their lifestyle choices and upgrade and enhance their choices and lifestyle in every way possible. I also talk to each of these 12 clients (or everyone in their family), once a week to give them support and to find out in what areas they might need more motivation, encouragement, clarification, understanding, or inspiration. And then once a year, the entire group of 12 clients and their families comes to Santa Monica and stays in a hotel by the beach for a long weekend of fun, festivities, activities, group work and discussions, and so much more that my team and I orchestrate. It's a chance for all of my clients to meet each other, share stories of their accomplishments and miracles, and to make new friends. This group get-together is one of the highlights of the year. Would you like to learn everything that I teach my clients? Continue reading.

For all of my exclusive Elite Eagle clients and their families, I created a special series of digital e-books and audio seminars that covers all of the material and coaching lessons that I discuss with each of them throughout the year. This way they will have all of the supplementary material available for easy access to inspire, uplift, motivate, and empower them throughout the year. Many of them will download the e-books onto a reading device such as their iPad, and they download the audio programs to their listening devices such as their iPod. I always encourage them to listen to my audio programs in a relaxed and peaceful environment, if at all possible, such as while outdoors in nature. With the complete program of 14 titles in my Renew Your Life collection, (and along with my latest three books Walking on Air, The Joy Factor, and Recipes for Health Bliss), they carry me with them year-round, and have all the tools needed to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually renew their lives, not just when we are working together in the same city or talking by telephone, but all the time.

While you may not be one of my exclusive Elite Eagle clients, you can still be part of my prestigious Eagle Club — those people who purchase Renew Your Life and take advantage of all the same essentials that I teach each of my clients — my gold-star secrets to creating a life filled with youthful vitality, high-level wellness, unlimited prosperity and success, and more peace, joy, and balance than ever before. My Renew Your Life collection is now available to everyone and it's featured on the Homepage of my website. Yes, of course, you can purchase each of these seminar programs that comprise Renew Your Life individually and separately, but you save the most money purchasing the entire set at once.

And even though you may not have time to start the program immediately (you shouldn't rush anyway — take your time and enjoy each of the 14 programs in the collection), at least you'll have it available for when you are ready to start the program. 

With Renew Your Life in your possession, not only will you be part of my Eagle Club; you will be inviting me into your life as your personal holistic lifestyle coach. It will be my honor to work with you through this special collection of seminars, workshops, and motivational pep talks. I will help you get to the top of the mountain and achieve your life's goals and dreams.

To find out more about this collection or order Renew Your Life, click here.

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